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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Factions.

Disambig icon.png This article is about the character Master Togo. For the Togo form, see Togo (disguise).
Master Togo
Master Togo.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Types Human
Profession Ritualist Ritualist
Level(s) 20
Campaign Factions
Togo (disguise) model.jpg
Master Togo during the Tengu Accords.
Master Togo ghost.jpg
Master Togo as a ghost.

Born in: Kaineng City
Nation: Cantha
Profession: Ritualist
Age: 65
Son of the previous Canthan emperor and his beloved concubine, Yuki, Togo grew up in the palace and helped raise his young half-brother, Kisu. Though Kisu was next in line for the imperial throne, he and Togo were always close, and the elder half-brother helped oversee the future emperor's education alongside the palace tutors. When Kisu left his studies behind to take on the imperial role, Togo left for Shing Jea Monastery, eventually rising to a leadership position. In the time since, each has grown accustomed to running his own "empire"—Kisu the literal Empire of the Dragon, and Togo the most respected and holy academic institution in the land. There is no ill will between them, despite the petty efforts of some underlings to drive wedges between the half-brothers. Still, for the safety of each, their blood relationship is not widely publicized.

Togo went on to become an accomplished Ritualist and was key to several Canthan military victories before he was named the new Master of Shing Jea Monastery upon the death of Master Botah. To the casual observer, Togo would appear to have been shunned by the palace, possessing no power. A closer look reveals that he is the emperor's "behind-the-scenes" man; Kisu rarely makes a move of any importance without consulting his half-brother first.

The Guild Wars Factions Manuscripts

Master Togo (born either 1006 or 1007 AE) is the headmaster of Shing Jea Monastery and introduces new students to Instructor Ng. He is a long-standing friend of the Tengu, a friendship which began during the negotiations with the Angchu and Sensali tribes during the Tengu Wars. These negotiations, which began when Minister Wona attempted an assassination plot on the Tengu, between the Tengu and Emperor Kisu were instrumental in ending the hostility with the Angchu and in turn the Tengu Wars. Because of this, Togo is celebrated as a hero in Cantha.

Togo personally taught the best students in the monastery until the plague struck Shing Jea Island. He personally sought out the cause of the plague and aided to stop Shiro Tagachi's plans when the source was discovered. He aided in convincing the Luxons to unite with the Kurzicks twice before the siege on Raisu Palace. During the siege, he was slain by Shiro, who used Togo's blood to break a curse and return the then-Envoy back into a human mortal.

After Shiro's defeat, Togo's spirit was ensconced into Tahnnakai Temple with other heroes of Cantha, replacing Kaolai, and given the title "Defender of Cantha."




Bonus Mission Pack


Quests given:

Quests involved in:



15 Restoration Magic (20 Restoration Magic in hard mode)
14 Restoration Magic in Vizunah Square

Bonus Mission Pack

14 Channeling Magic, 11 Communing, 10 Restoration Magic


Monastery Overlook
"This is your first day, is it not? I remember my first day at the monastery.... I was as intimidated as I could be! The master of the monastery then, Master Khan, was a very fierce man. He would beat students with a reed cane if they did poorly at their studies. Of course, many things have changed since then."
Linnok Courtyard (Factions character) and during To Zen Daijun
"Welcome, young one. I understand from your headmaster that your studies are progressing well. I am pleased."
Linnok Courtyard (non-Factions character)
"I hope you enjoy visiting the Shing Jea Monastery. I welcome you as a guest, if not as a potential student. There was a time, not long ago, when foreigners could train here. But the Ascendant Emperor Kisu has, in his wisdom, prohibited the passing on of our secrets to foreign powers. I will not go against the dictates of the Emperor, no true Canthan ever would. You are welcome to look around, however. Perhaps spend some time in meditation. You look as if you could use some."
Sunqua Vale
"Let us walk in peace, shall we? It is such a lovely day."
Minister Cho's Estate (mission)
"Hello, young <Character name>! You are fast becoming a favorite student of mine."
Zen Daijun (mission)
"You have exceeded even my own expectations, <Character name>. Now, I must ask for your assistance on a very dangerous task. Something is befouling this valley...and whoever or whatever it is taints everything with which it comes into contact. Without a known cure, I fear this epidemic will only spread."
"I sent Yijo out some time ago to investigate, but he has not returned, and I fear the worst. We must discover the source of this evil and put an end to it before more innocent people die."
Kaineng City and the Jade Sea default
"Remain alert at all times while you are here in Kaineng City, <Character name>, for the scoundrels, thugs, and pick-pockets have many places to hide here, and they will be more than happy to take advantage of you."
Vizunah Square (if your character entered from Local Quarter)

Speaking to him for the first time:

"Now that we are in the Cantha proper, you will need to keep your wits about you. I brought you here with me because you have shown great promise, but the danger will increase exponentially from here on. Stay with me and I will do what I can to aid you, as I hope you will aid me in tracking down the root of this plague."

Speaking to him after the first time:

"Stay with me as we move through the city."
Vizunah Square (if your character entered from Foreign Quarter)

Speaking to him for the first time:

"Welcome to Cantha. I am pleased to see that Mhenlo has brought capable help. The trouble here is growing worse with each passing hour."

Speaking to him after the first time:

"Keep your eyes open; plagued creatures are everywhere."
Shadow's Passage, during Finding The Oracle
"You have been invaluable to me so far, and I hope I can continue to rely on your help. I cannot fight this fight alone."
Tahnnakai Temple (mission)
"Our next move hinges on the information we gain from Vizu the Assassin. It is clear that Shiro plans to bind the heroes and turn them against Cantha. If we allow it, the Cantha we love will be destroyed and overrun by evil. We must start by rescuing Vizu and learning what she can teach us about her nemesis."
Sunjiang District (mission)
"I believe that Shiro has created spirit rifts...openings into the spirit realm...and he is using these to bring in more of his foul supporters. We must destroy Shiro's constructs and his spirit rifts to keep him from gaining more power."
Raisu Palace (mission)
"The inner chamber has been sealed, and only one of royal blood can open it. Thankfully, although I am not considered a legitimate heir to the throne, I am still considered of royal blood. Enough talking, now. We must get to Shiro before he kills the emperor!"
Tahnnakai Temple (explorable area) after the Imperial Sanctum mission
"My friend, it is I, Togo! Yes, this place has become my home, now. I have chosen to stay behind like the other heroes here and lend council to those Canthans who have need of it."
"I am so proud of what you have done, <Character name>. I knew there was something special within you when I first met you at the monastery. That is why I brought you with me to meet Minister Cho, and that proved to be the most important decision in Shiro's downfall. The value of your deeds will never be forgotten."


Boreas Seabed mission
"<Party leader>! <Party leader>! <Party leader>!"
"The gods are with you!"
"Yes! You can do it!"


  • The plaque near Togo's statue in Tahnnakai Temple reads:
Formerly known as Master Togo, Master of Shing Jea Monastery, Togo was inducted into Tahnnakai Temple with the new title "Defender of Cantha". During his lifetime, Togo helped improve relations between the Canthans and the Tengu, and as master of Shing Jea Monastery, he trained many students whose heroic deeds have yet to be written. When the Betrayer Shiro Tagachi returned from the Mists, Togo worked tirelessly to ascertain Shiro's plan and prevent its success. Breaking down the barriers of culture, Togo was also responsible for helping to unite the Kurzick and Luxon nations in the battle against Shiro, which ultimately lead to the Betrayer's final defeat. Togo was slain by Shiro while defending Emperor Kisu's life in the Raisu Palace mission.
Anomaly Anomaly.Even after completing Factions, Togo still spawns regularly in his human form in Linnok Courtyard.


  • The voice actor for this character is Darryl Kurylo.
  • Strangely, Master Togo's statue is the same statue used for Kaolai.

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