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The Tengu Wars were a period of strife between the humans and the Tengu of Cantha. The initial hostilities began in 1390 CC (880 AE) when Canthan farmers began settling Shing Jea Island. At first, it was a simple matter of territory and the fighting was kept to a few skirmishes. War nearly broke out when the Sensali Tengu massacred an entire village and, according to reports at the time, consumed the bodies of those killed. Emperor Hanjai's personal ambassador and an Angchu chieftain managed to create a peace treaty, delaying the onset of war but turning the Sensali tribe against the Angchu.

This peace did not last, as continued settlement of Shing Jea under Emperor Kisu led to the Canthan farmers passing on diseases to the Tengu and their hatchlings. Being forced to kill their young and their brethren, the Tengu sought revenge and thus the Tengu Wars began.

One year after the Tengu Wars had officially ended, the humans and the Tengu held a festival to celebrate the anniversary of the peace accords. This festival was known as the Day of the Tengu.

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  • The Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack (released November 2007) enables players to witness part of the Tengu Wars, allowing them to participate in this vital piece of history in the same style as a mission.