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The Sensali are a tribe of Canthan Tengu that live on Shing Jea Island. They are the enemies of the Angchu and Canthans. Like the Angchu, they hate Yetis and are often seen attacking them. Certain Sensali have "Star" names and reside in Nahpui Quarter to protect the celestials.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Factions
Shing Jea Island Warrior 4 (22) Sensali Fighter
Necromancer 5 (23) Sensali Blood
Assassin 5 (23) Sensali Assassin
Feathered Scalp
Warrior 12 (24) Sensali Cutter
Necromancer 12 (24) Sensali DarkFeather
Assassin 12 (24) Sensali Claw
Feathered Crest
Kaineng City Warrior 20 (26) Star Blade
Ranger 20 (26) Star Sentinel
Ritualist 20 (26) Star Light
Guild Wars Beyond
Shing Jea Island Warrior 24 Sensali Warrior
Ranger 24 Sensali Ranger
Monk 24 Sensali Monk
Necromancer 24 Sensali Necromancer
Mesmer 24 Sensali Mesmer
Elementalist 24 Sensali Elementalist
Assassin 24 Sensali Assassin
Ritualist 24 Sensali Ritualist
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