Minister Wona

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Minister Wona
Minister Wona.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 24
Campaign Bonus Mission Pack

Name: Wona Yurigi
a.k.a.: War Minister Wona
Age: 44
Profession: Canthan Minister of War
Credo: I am the fist of the empire!

— in-game description

Minister Wona was once Cantha's Minister of War. He was a hard and treacherous man who nearly dashed all hopes of peace between Canthans and Tengu.




"As the minister of war, I have learned there are times to raise your sword and others when you must sheathe it. Today, a new chapter will be written in Canthan history, one that reflects a sea change in human and Tengu relations. It is most fortunate the emperor sent you as his representative, Togo. Your even temper and diplomatic skill will be pivotal in today's negotiations. When you are ready to begin the summit, please inform me and I shall commence the ceremony."
What is your stance on the Tengu Wars?
"My stance? The Tengu are filthy animals not fit for a stew! They harass my vassals, set fire to my fields, and disrupt trade. They claim we are "invading their sovereign territory" as the empire continues to spread. Bah! As a younger man I would have ordered the entire race exterminated!"
"But alas, violence is not always the answer. I have learned the value of diplomacy in obtaining harmony and balance. In life, sacrifices must be made for the greater good to accomplish wealth and power. It is in Cantha's interest to deal with these savages through other means, which is why I have called this summit. It is my hope that we can reach common ground on my estate, free from the intrigues of the imperial court."
I am ready to begin negotiations.