Swift Honorclaw

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Swift Honorclaw
Tengu caster.jpgTengu fighter.jpg
Affiliation Angchu
Type Tengu
Professions Warrior Warrior
Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 4 (?), 20
Campaigns Factions
Bonus Mission Pack

Swift Honorclaw is an Angchu Tengu from the Aerie. He represented the Angchu at The Tengu Accords, where he and Gull Hookbeak were the targets of a failed assassination attempt initiated by the corrupt War Minister Wona. Swift went on to successfully lead the Angchu for a number of years. Swift was eventually assassinated during the Dual Strike quest by Panaku and an assassin student from the Shing Jea Monastery who were undertaking an assassination contract for Dao Weng. He was succeeded as leader of the Angchu by his daughter, Soar Honorclaw.




  • None
Bonus Mission Pack


The Tengu Accords, before act II
"The Angchu recognize that peace is a better recourse for human and Tengu alike. Should this feud continue, the stench of death will hang heavy in the air. Human corpses will be stacked to the tops of mountains and rival out losses. Do not be fooled; peace will be on equal terms, or there will be no peace at all. Which outcome do you prefer?"
Tell me your view on the Tengu Wars.
"This war is the fault of your emperor and his expansionist agenda. The fight was brought to us. If not for your farmers and their reeking crops and your diseases invading our homes, there would be no war. What honor is there in burning our hatchlings while they sleep? In slaughtering our child-bearers? No. We will not yield. We will fight until the corpse of every last Canthan rots in the morning sun. Peace is the only hope for your species."
The Tengu Accords act II, while fighting
"Foul primates! Betrayal is the highest dishonor. I shall enjoy killing every last one of you."
The Tengu Accords act II, after the fight
"I find it surprising, Togo of Cantha. You stood beside us rather than your own. Bring us the head of that snake and perhaps the peace talks can be salvaged."
Dual Strike, before Assassin group killed him
"I have been expecting you, Assassin. What I did, I did for my family. I have no regrets."

Items dropped[edit]


  • Despite being of the Angchu, he will also drop Sensali salvage items.
  • Like Gull Hookbeak, he has different models used in Factions than during the Bonus Mission Pack.