Soar Honorclaw

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Soar Honorclaw
Tengu fighter.jpg
Affiliation Angchu
Type Tengu
Professions Warrior Warrior
Assassin Assassin
Level(s) 10 (20), 20
Campaign Factions
Soar Honorclaw map.jpg
Location in Kinya Province

Soar Honorclaw is the leader of the Angchu Tengu who live in Aerie. Before her, her father was the leader until he was assassinated by Panaku and a new Assassin trainee after a bounty was put on his head by Dao Weng.



Quests given:

Quests involved in:


During Winds of Change


Kinya Province:

"If ever there was a good time for outsiders to visit Aerie, this is certainly not that time. My father's murder has made us more wary of strangers than usual."

Divine Path:

"The Tengu of Aerie honor you."

Kinya Province (during Winds of Change):

"Honorable humans such as yourself remind me not to judge the whole of your kind too harshly. Doing so would make me no better than those who seek to oppress my kin."

After completion of The Final Confrontation:

"My people and I owe our lives to you. I hope the damage that Reiko caused to our relationship with the Dragon Empire can be repaired, but regardless, know that you always have a home with the Angchu tribe, whereever that home may be."