Warning the Angchu

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HardModeMissionIconIncomplete.png This quest has a Hard mode version — see Warning the Angchu (Hard mode).
Warning the Angchu
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Storyline Beyond: Winds of Change
Given by Guardsman Qao Lin
in Kaineng Center
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by The Rescue Attempt
Followed by Free Birds
Warning the Angchu (Hard mode)
Type Secondary quest
Warning the Angchu map.jpg
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The Imperial Guard have uncovered a disturbing Ministerial Decree declaring the Angchu tengu enemies of Cantha. Reiko means to catch them in a trap - make haste to Aerie and ensure that they don't fall into it!

Quest information[edit]




Start from Ran Musu Gardens and head southwest to the Tengu camp. The initial group of Ministry troops will be reinforced by two groups, one from the west and another from the south. Since your party is small:

  • The Tengu can be used to grab initial aggro, if desired.
  • Consider bringing a Minion Bomber hero for extra meat shields (Ministry of Purity healers will keep them alive during dialogue).
  • A Spirit wall is also recommended to help body block foes.
  • The Ministry foes stand around in a large group while the dialogue takes place; consider abusing this by bringing a trapper to cover the ground under them with traps that will all trigger at once when they turn hostile, effectively wiping them out.[verification requested]



Tengu (Angchu)

(The professions of the Angchu allies are random)


Humans (Ministry of Purity)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Guardsman Qao Lin
"It seems the Ministry of Purity feels their victory is at hand in their fight with the Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood. My squad was tasked with cleaning up the mess left behind from an Am Fah ambush on a Ministry of Purity patrol, and I uncovered this Official Ministerial Decree written by Reiko herself. You can read it yourself, but to summarize, it seems the Ministry of Purity has set their sights on the Tengu as their next "cleansing project".
"Now, I'm no fan of the murderous Sensali tribe, but Minster Reiko has declared all Tengu a threat to Cantha, even our allies the Angchu. Even with their ever-increasing authority, the Ministry of Purity cannot legally declare war on the Angchu tribe as the peace accord was issued by the emperor himself. However, the Ministry plans on rounding up the Angchu under the guise of protecting them during the Ministry's coming campaign against the Sensali. Then, once the Angchu are pacified, and the Ministry of Purity is able to make their actions legal, the Angchu will be at the Ministry's mercy. And if there is one thing the Ministry of Purity is short on, it's mercy.
"You must take this Official Ministerial Decree to Soar Honorclaw and warn her to not surrender to the Ministry of Purity. That will at least buy the Angchu time and give them a fighting chance."
Yes Accept: "Let's not find out if a caged Tengu sings. I'm in!"
No Decline: "I don't know. I mean, they're only Tengu..."
Ask Ask: "Go now, we can't be seen together anymore. Travel to Kinya Province and warn Soar Honorclaw of the Ministry of Purity's deceit!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Upon reaching the camp:

Elite Ministry Captain: "Members of the Angchu Tribe..."
Elite Ministry Captain: "By official decree of Minister Reiko of the Ministry of Purity, we are here to assist in the immediate relocation of your tribe."
Soar Honorclaw: "Relocation? We have no intention of leaving the home our people have lived in for generations. Who is this Reiko, and why does she demand such things?"
Elite Ministry Captain: "For your own safety, Tengu, and for the safety of the rest of your tribe, the Ministry of Purity is launching a campaign to rid this island of the Sensali tribe once and for all."
Elite Ministry Captain: "We would hate for a member of your tribe to be mistaken for an enemy combatant. For the safety of your people, we have been ordered to move you to the mainland until the Sensali have been removed."
Soar Honorclaw: "While all Tengu may look alike to you, we have lived in peace with Canthans for years; and the Imperial Guards have had no more issue confusing us with Sensali as we've had confusing you with grawl!"
Elite Ministry Captain: "Be that as it may, we are not the Imperial Guard and our orders stand. Neither of us want to see any harm befall your peaceful village..."
<Party leader>: "The orders from your Minister tell a different tale..."
Elite Ministry Captain: "You!"
<Party leader>: "See for yourself, Soar Honorclaw of the Angchu. The Ministry of Purity looks at all Tengu as their enemies. These orders come directly from Reiko herself. You are being deceived.
Soar Honorclaw: "So it would seem. Your minister has no honor to use such tactics. If our death is what you are after, we will die as warriors on the battlefield!"
Elite Ministry Captain: "You dare take up arms against us? This is an act of war! We must protect Cantha from these savage beasts!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Soar Honorclaw
"Thank you, friend of the Angchu tribe. We have won the battle, but I fear there may be many more to come. I shall dispatch a messenger to speak with the emperor and hopefully gain us some reprieve from the Ministry of Purity's persecution, but I fear it is only a matter of time before they return for us. At least now we have a chance to earn an honorable death in battle, and can avoid the shame of imprisonment."