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Each Guild Wars campaign has a PvE section in which players take their character through a story related to the continent on which they are playing. Players from one continent can enter the storyline for another. This article provides a brief overview of the three campaigns, without giving away too much information.

Guild Wars Prophecies[edit]

Prophecies is set in Tyria - a continent based around a western-style adventure story. You will start off in the grand country of Ascalon, helping the King and his Prince in their battle against the vicious Charr. The story then continues over many lands and nations, taking you through the icy Shiverpeak Mountains, the jungle kingdom of Kryta, and the long-abandoned Crystal Desert in an attempt to stop a deadly evil from unleashing devastation upon Tyria.

Guild Wars Factions[edit]

Factions is set on an Asian-themed continent of Tyria known as Cantha. You will start off in the monastery for new recruits on Shing Jea Island, where you will be trained by the renowned Master Togo. The story then continues onto the mainland where you will meet and ally with one of the warring factions of the Luxons and the Kurzicks, and begin a quest to save the Emperor himself from the evil Shiro Tagachi.

Guild Wars Nightfall[edit]

Nightfall takes place in the North-African themed continent of Elona. You begin on the lush island nation of Istan, having just been recruited to the noble order of the Sunspears. Your adventure takes you across the sea to the mainland, where you will encounter the military nation of Kourna, led by Warmarshal Varesh, and the merchant nation of Vabbi, led by the three merchant princes. Eventually, you will venture out into The Desolation in an attempt to stop a long-forgotten god from destroying the world.

Guild Wars Eye of the North[edit]

Eye of the North takes place in Tyria - the continent that the original Guild Wars campaign took place on. It has been six years since the events of Prophecies. In order to stop the looming threat of ancient creatures bent on nothing but destruction, players must traverse new places in Tyria, never seen before - the Far Shiverpeaks, the Charr Homelands, Tarnished Coast, and head beneath the world itself to combat this evil.

Guild Wars Beyond[edit]

Main article: Storyline of Beyond

Beyond takes place throughout the known continents, showing the events that take place after the previous storylines' completion.

War in Kryta and Hearts of the North[edit]

The first two chapters follow the events of Prophecies, dealing with the civil war in Kryta and the Ebon Vanguard, focusing on both Kryta and the Far Shiverpeaks, but also showing a few events in the Maguuma Jungle and Ascalon.

Winds of Change[edit]

The third chapter follows up on the events that happened after Shiro Tagachi's second death, focusing on the Ministry of Purity and those involved with them.

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