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History of the Shining Blade is part of the Guild Wars Beyond backstory of War in Kryta.


We are the Shining Blade, true sons and daughters of Kryta who struggle to rid our homeland of the oppressive White Mantle regime and restore the Krytan monarchy. To understand who we are, you must first understand how the White Mantle seized control of our beloved Kryta.

The White Mantle was a religious cult formed years ago in Kryta by Saul D'Alessio, a drunk and thief who preached the false doctrine of the Unseen Ones, his mysterious invisible masters. Saul the Deceiver delivered a false message of salvation during Kryta's darkest hour, when the charr invasion threatened our nation's survival. Saul led an army of white-robed followers against the charr, and after their victory on the battlefield, the White Mantle seized power.

But the protection of the White Mantle came at a price. The cult became arrogant and abusive. The wealth of the land was held only by those who worshipped [sic] the Unseen Ones. Worst of all, each year Krytan citizens were chosen for "special education" and never seen again. In truth, the White Mantle offered these ill-fated Chosen as sacrificial victims to their demonic masters.

In the wilds of Kryta, the patriot leader Evennia gathered unto her a loyal band of patriots. We called ourselves The Shining Blade and vowed to hack away the corruption and decay that robbed Kryta of her greatness. The true nature of the White Mantle and the inhuman sorcerers they worship was exposed for all to see in a series of violent conflicts that left the Mantle high council dead and the future of the cult in doubt. Today, the remnants of the White Mantle cling to power with a desperate, iron grip.

Now is the time to strike! The Shining Blade will seat the rightful heir Princess Salma on the throne in Lion's Arch and restore monarchy and justice to Kryta. The citizens of Kryta have rallied to our side. With their support, the strength of our steel, and the courage of our convictions, Kryta will have a Queen once again.

The Royal Line of Kryta

The royalty of Kryta descend from King Doric, the first king of united Tyria. The Royal Line has continued uninterrupted for generations, until the great charr invasion, when the strength of Doric failed and King Jadon abandoned his throne. In the absence of a king, The White Mantle cult took control.

Princess Salma, the only surviving descendant of the Doric line, is the rightful heir to the Krytan throne. She currently rules her loyal charges in exile, planning for the day when she can return to Lion’s Arch and lift the yoke of oppression from the necks of her countrymen.

Patriotic Imagery

Leaders of the Rebellion

Princess Salma

“Peace and prosperity are the birthright of all Krytans.”

Princess Salma is the rightful heir to the Krytan throne. The daughter of King Jadon and Priestess Berea of the Temple of Ages, [sic] Salma has both royal blood and the blessing of the gods. Salma set aside her holy duties as a priestess and answered the call of destiny, hoping to restore justice and peace to her people. Salma has rallied the Shining Blade in a secret camp in the wilderness, and has reached out beyond Krytan borders for help. The fate of Kryta now rests in her steady young hands.


"I am certain we can work something out."

The chief advisor and aide to Princess Salma, Evennia is one of the most influential women in Kryta. The former leader of the Shining Blade, Evennia stepped down from her post after the destruction of the White Mantle high council to focus on politics. The widely beloved Evennia has been crucial in gathering public support for Princess Salma and has acted as an ambassador for the royal government in exile.


"Justice is served!"

The leader of the Shining Blade, Bartholos is a hardened veteran with scars from a hundred battles. Shortly after succeeding Evennia as leader of the Shining Blade, Bartholos’ aged mother was placed in a White Mantle re-education camp. Bartholos led the raid to free the prisoners from the camp, but by the time he arrived his mother had died. Today Bartholos metes out cold vengeance against the White Mantle in a relentless war of attrition.


"We must all make sacrifices."

The name Livia is spoken with dread by the enemies of Kryta. One of the Shining Blade’s deadliest agents, the necromancer Livia uses her dark powers in defense of the innocent.

Friends of the Shining Blade

The Ebon Vanguard

The Ebon Vanguard is an elite Ascalonian force based in the Eye of the North in the Far Shiverpeaks, where they launch raids deep into charr territory. Now, our Ascalonian comrades have come to our aid during this critical hour, providing training and support to Shining Blade recruits.

Captain Langmar

Captain Langmar was once commander of the Ascalonian Vanguard, a seasoned military unit that was ordered north behind enemy lines by King Adelbern. The stoic Captain Langmar renamed her unit the Ebon Vanguard and carries on the King’s mission to this day.

Lieutenant Keiran Thackeray

Captain Langmar’s trusted lieutenant, Keiran Thackeray has been surviving Shiverpeak winters and killing charr for most his life—and he’s very good at it. Now this northern ranger has traveled to Kryta to help train Shining Blade recruits in the art of the ambush.

Zinn and Blimm

The asura genius Zinn, renowned artificer of golems, has lent his talents and expertise to the cause of free Krytans. Zinn and his crafty partner Blimm are at an undisclosed location conducting secret experiments that will provide the Shining Blade with the edge we need to achieve final victory over our oppressors.

Enemies of Free Krytans

Confessor Isaiah

The leader of the White Mantle and self-described ruler of Kryta, Isaiah is a cruel tyrant whose hypocrisy is only matched by his greed. Ever since his master, Confessor Dorian, was slain by freedom fighters, Isaiah has led the remnants of the White Mantle. Desperate to retain control in the face of revolution, Isaiah has imposed severe laws, made mass arrests, and has hired brigands to harass innocent Krytans. Confessor Isaiah is as foul and evil as the creatures he worships.

Inquisitor Toriimo

The utterly ruthless Inquisitor Toriimo is the most senior of the White Mantle inquisitors, who are responsible for hunting down rebels. Deaf to the cries of the innocent, Toriimo takes a particular pleasure in the use of fire as a tool of interrogation and intimidation. “Toriimo the Torch,” as he is known, has burned farms and settlements all over Kryta in his unending search for rebels.

Inquisitor Lovisa

Possessing a deceptively sweet persona, Lovisa is a sadist and lecher of the highest order. Villagers hide behind shuttered windows when Lovisa and her henchmen come to town, praying that the demented inquisitor will not pay their home a visit.


The White Mantle is too weak and cowardly to enforce their own draconian laws, so they have hired brigands and thugs to do their evil bidding. These ironically named “Peacekeepers” prey upon good people all across Kryta in the name of the White Mantle, robbing the poor and harassing weary travelers.

Declaration of War

I, Princess Salma, daughter of King Jadon and Priestess Berea, and Heir to the Throne of Kryta, call upon all good Krytans to rise up against the Villainy of the White Mantle. For too long, they have ruled us with campaigns of secrecy and terror, and it shames me to say we've let them do it. They derive their power from dark magic, sacrificing countless Krytan lives, yet never sating the foul appetites of their demonic masters.

But their time is at an end! The unseen demons lie decimated while the White Mantle Council itself is shattered. Today, the Shining Blade strikes as the sword of Vengeance, ready to dismember the White Mantle until nothing is left. Stand with us and we will see Freedom and Justice reign once more in Kryta.

The Truth About the Unseen Ones

It is time to expose the charlatans who usurped the Krytan throne for what they are: cultists, murderers, demon-worshippers. [sic] The White Mantle priests do not lie when they speak of devotion to powerful, unseen beings, but these slippery creatures are not gods. They are demons.

White Mantle rituals have always worn the cloak of secrecy, and now we know why. Rituals intended to select "Chosen" individuals for special duties within the White Mantle were an unforgivable Lie! And buying into that Lie were our children, our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, poor naive souls marching deep into the Maguuma Jungle where they would Witness first-hand the Evil of the Unseen demons. These Innocents were Murdered and given in Blood Sacrifice to the so-called gods of the White Mantle. They derive all power from this foul wellspring of dark magic.

For too long, this story has festered, hidden at the heart of the jungle and lost in the death cries of the helpless. Fortunately for Kryta, some blessed few survivors have escaped to tell the tale. It is a tale of evil, a tale of betrayal. It is an ugly Truth that all of us must now face.

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