King Doric

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King Doric before three gods.

King Doric was the first king of the united human kingdoms in Tyria. When he ruled, there was only one kingdom that spanned at least through Ascalon and Lion's Arch. All modern royalty in Tyria, including Kryta, are descendants of Doric himself.

The first event that Doric took part in was bringing an end to wars with the aid of Dwayna as depicted in her scriptures, and he was crowned king about 16 years later (a century before 1 AE). During 1 BE, when the gift of magic led to wars among the mortal races, Doric, who had become the king of Tyria's united human tribes, journeyed to Arah, as described in Thadeus Lamount's History of Tyria.

In response to Doric's plea, the Gods divided the magic in Tyria into five bloodstones (one for each school of magic and a Keystone) to prevent anyone from ever wielding power over all magic again. They sealed the stones with Doric's blood (hence the name bloodstones) and placed him and his dynasty in charge of guarding the stones.

The Historical Monument of King's Watch, which was written on the 95th day of 1 AE, mentions his death, indicating that he died at some point between the start of the Exodus of the Gods and the founding of King's Watch. The circumstances of his death remain unclear.

During his lifetime, King Doric oversaw the expansion of humanity into Ascalon and the beginnings of Kryta, though the latter did not become an official settlement until 300 AE. He had a summer estate in Lion's Arch.


  • The wording of the Historical Monument of King's Watch implies that Doric died when the bloodstones were sealed with his blood by the line "To forego even one's own life when the end is gained;" and "For it is through his sacrifice that we now live on. May his blood have been spilled for the good of all."

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