Exodus of the Gods

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The Exodus of the Gods is an event that happened during Year 0 (or 0 AE) of the Mouvelian calendar. It is the year in which the Gods of Tyria left the world of Tyria forever.

A year before the Exodus, Abaddon granted magic to the many races of Tyria, but due to the gift being granted too freely, the races started one of the bloodiest wars. Doric, the current king of the human nations of Tyria, traveled to Arah, the city of the gods, on the peninsula of Orr and pleaded for them to put an end to the wars. They agreed, and to do this they created the bloodstones, and placed them in the largest volcano on the Ring of Fire Islands.

Doing this caused a war between Abaddon, with his Margonites, and the other five gods. After Abaddon fell at the place now known as the Mouth of Torment, the gods left the world.

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