Ring of Fire Islands

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Ring of Fire Islands
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Continent Tyria
Town None
Neighbor(s) None
Campaign Prophecies
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Ring of Fire Islands signpost.

Just south of the Tarnished Coast lie the volcanic islands that together make up the Ring of Fire. The large volcano at the center of the ring is where the gods reportedly dropped the Bloodstones before leaving Tyria for good. Of the islands that surround this one, many are still active. Ships that pass by the Ring report hearing the tell-tale hiss of scalding hot lava hitting the ocean, instantly vaporizing the saltwater into steam.

The reefs off the islands are formed of black pumice stone. There are very few natural ports, and those that might be suitable for docking would bring the crew of the ship within danger of being caught by a sudden, unexpected eruption.

There are no known settlements in the Ring of Fire.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts

The Ring of Fire Islands is the home of one of the five bloodstones and of the volcano known as Abaddon's Mouth, which is possesed by evil, supernatural forces which have caused the lava to harden into formations resembling monstrous faces. The islands are inhabited by few sapient creatures, save for the Mursaat, who reside within the Onyx Gate, a large fortress designed to defend the Door of Komalie and keep its inhabitants sealed.

Despite the islands' seemingly constant volcanic activity, plant life-manages to thrive long enough to grow into full trees. Little vegetation can be found on the island chain, save the burnt trees and a small island to its western coasts. Many creatures manage to thrive in the hostile environments, including Riders, Arachnids, Dryders, Drakes, Wurms, Behemoths, and Abominations.

Towns and outposts[edit]

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  • Guilds at War
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  • Abaddon's Mouth
  • The Door of Komalie



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