Gate of Torment

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Gate of Torment
Gate of Torment.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Realm of Torment
Type Town
Party size 8
Exit(s) Nightfallen Jahai
The Mouth of Torment
The Shadow Nexus
Gate of Torment outpost mission map.jpg
Mission map
Gate of Torment inside.jpg
A view inside
Gate of Torment exit to Nightfallen Jahai.jpg
Exit to Nightfallen Jahai

The Gate of Torment stand[sic] upon coagulated reality extruded by the Realm of Torment into the real world. It is nothing more than a thin crust of the real world floating on the edge of the insanity that is Abaddon's prison. Beyond this gate, the forces of Abaddon must not be allowed. If the gate is sundered by the dark god, his evil will pour forth onto the world unabated.

— in-game description

The Gate of Torment is the one point in the Realm of Torment that connects to the Desolation on Elona and the last line of defense preventing Nightfall from occuring.

Getting there[edit]

The Ruins of Morah mission must be completed to gain access to this location.


Quests available[edit]




Note: Collectors are towards the southeast and east
(all level 20)

Other allies[edit]

The Forgotten[edit]
Trapped souls[edit]


Anomaly Anomaly.The Xunlai Chests here are labeled "Storage Chest" instead, possibly accidentally left out when the Xunlai agents were reworked.

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