Tormented Soul

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Tormented Soul
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Affiliation Ghosts
Type Ghost
Level(s) 20
Campaign Nightfall

Many Tormented Souls wander the locations found in the Realm of Torment, forever trapped in the prison of the mad god Abaddon.



After the Ruins of Morah mission, they respond with one of the following lines:

"Do not give up, Kormir! You are needed, far more than you realize."
"I learned too late never to trust Margonites. They have a sickness in their souls... Abaddon's insanity drove them from reality into madness."
"Nightfall came for me when a demon tore apart my body and swallowed my soul. Now I exist in Torment, praying for release."
"Stay close to her, hero. The future of all rests on your shoulders."
"We, who walk these dark paths, salute your courage. I pray to Balthazar, who has forgotten me, that you will see Elona once more."

After completion of the Nightfall campaign:

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of the Nightfall storyline.

"All hail Kormir, Goddess of Secrets!"
"Balthazar, your servant calls to you. Free me from this place at last!"
"Farewell, Kormir. Your rebirth will be the dawn of all Elona."
"I will follow Kormir. No other god had the courage to face Abaddon and sacrifice herself so that others may live."
"Kormir whispers beneath the world, through the quiet chambers and the dark corridors of reality. Can you hear her?"