Mad Soul

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Mad Soul
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Affiliation Not specified
Type Ghost
Level(s) 20
Campaign Nightfall

Mad Souls are found throughout the locations in the Realm of Torment, driven mad by their long captivity and their proximity to the mad god Abaddon.



After the Ruins of Morah mission, they respond with one of the following lines:

"A fountain of youth. It was a fountain of youth, and now I will be young forever...."
"It is not hands that summon them. It is desire..."
"It's you! Turai! Save me, Turai Ossa! You've come for me at last!"
"Oh gods, the pain! My daughter... eaten alive. How I wish it had been me. She was lucky!
"There is a song at the center of the world, my friend, and it sounds like razors through flesh."

After completion of the Nightfall campaign:

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of the Nightfall storyline.

"A new god is born! A god that will destroy the others and bring about the end of the world! The cycle begins again!"
"Burn? Such a limited imagination."
"Hold to life too tightly, and you'll choke away its breath."
"Kormir. How brave you were to join us in the Realm of Torment. How mad you were to choose to never leave."
"When you walk dark paths, you open your mind to nightmare. Poor Kormir, poor sad goddess raised up to the stars, cursed to see only infinite blackness between them...."