Dark Gateway

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Dark Gateway
Section Realm of Torment Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Neersi
in Gate of Torment
(Realm of Torment)
Preceded by Drink of the Gods
Type Secondary quest
Dark Gateway map.jpg
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Quest information[edit]


  • Defeat the Emissary of Dhuum and close the gateway to the Jahai Bluffs.
  • See Neersi for your reward.



Head to Nightfallen Jahai and defeat the Emissary to complete this quest. Approaching nearby range will cause torment creatures to spawn after a short delay. Refrain melee characters from engagement to save trouble, although is just one group.




Demons (Torment creatures)


Initial dialogue[edit]

"Ahai, <Character name>. I have just received grave news. Servants of the fallen god Dhuum have been working with Abaddon's minions for some time. But the servants of Dhuum have recently been seen near a strange tomb in Nightfallen Jahai. If you've been out there, you know Nightfallen Jahai is rapidly changing to resemble it's [sic] counterpart in Elona. As the planes grow closer together it will become possible to open portals between the worlds and cause the real Jahai to fall into night. I fear the history of dark magic associated with this tomb will allow the Avatar of Dhuum to open such a portal to the Jahai Bluffs and stage an invasion. Someone must journey to the tomb and put a stop to this invasion."
Yes Accept: "This definitely bears investigation."
No Decline: "I still have nightmares of my first trip through the Jahai Bluffs."
Ask Ask: "Have you discovered what the servants of Dhuum are doing at the tomb in Nightfallen Jahai?"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Emissary of Dhuum: "Defend the portal!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Well done, <Character name>. That's one less fallen god Elona must worry about. But, I fear the battle that still lies ahead of you will be quite a bit harder. Perhaps this will help in your quest to defeat Abaddon."