Xunlai Chest

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Xunlai Chest
Wooden chest.jpg
Affiliation Xunlai
Type Chest
Service Vault box
Level(s) 24
Campaign Core

Xunlai Chests provide players with quick access to storage, similar to Xunlai Agents.


Although the chests are unable to speak with the character, a character that has not opened a storage account will get a message saying,

"This vault is sealed by Xunlai magic. There is an inscription on the lid that reads:

Talk to a Xunlai Agent to activate your storage account today!"


  • The chest allows a player to immediately access their vault box without dialogue options, making it easier to access it through the Xunlai Chest than through the Xunlai Agent.
  • Storage accounts cannot be created or accessed by new PvE characters through a Xunlai Chest until they have spoken to a Xunlai Agent and opened the account. This is due to the chests' inability to open dialogue. See the Dialogue section of this article for further explanation.
  • New PvP characters can access the player's storage account through a Xunlai Chest without first speaking with a Xunlai Agent if the player has opened a storage account on another character.
  • If a Xunlai Agent is purchased for a guild hall, it automatically spawns with a Xunlai Chest next to it.
Anomaly Anomaly.In the Gate of Torment outpost it is known as Storage Chest [Storage]


  • During the quest Deactivating R.O.X., using healing spells on the Xunlai Chest will result in the message "Spell failed. Spirits can not be targeted by this spell"; however, skills that target spirits, such as Gaze of Fury, cannot target it either.
  • Technically, Xunlai chests are NPCs rather than objects; this is a requirement set by the game engine to let them display the vault box to a player. Because they are typically subject to heavy and constant use by players, they are stationary, unlike other NPCs who will rotate to face anyone interacting with them. Sometimes, however, it is still possible to see a Xunlai chest rotate; this typically happens when a player is the first to load a new area.
  • During the Wintersday, Kimberly in Lion's Arch sometimes throws the snowball at the Xunlai Chest and calls it by the name like other NPCs.

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