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Example of an item storage tab of a Vault box.

The Vault box (colloquial: Xunlai Storage Account) is the inventory repository service offered by the Xunlai Guild. The vault is shared by all characters on the account. Unlimited access to storage costs 50 Gold for roleplaying characters and is free for PvP-only characters (once the vault is unlocked for the account).

You can open the box by speaking with a Xunlai Agent or directly with a Xunlai Chest. There is no access in pre-Searing Ascalon, since neither of these NPCs appear in that part of Prophecies.

Storage details[edit]

State of the Vault box after all additional storage panes have been bought
Example of the materials storage tab of a Vault box.

Anything that can be stored in the inventory can also be stored in the Vault box. It can be used to store three types of things:

  • Currency: the vault can hold up to 1000Platinum.
  • Items: by default, the vault comes with 2 storage panes (50 slots) for any item that you can carry, much like a character's backpack.
  • Materials: after paying an additional 50 Gold fee, you can store up to one stack (250 by default) of each type of rare and common crafting material.


The total amount of gold and platinum currently in the Vault box is shown at the top of the window. Right below it are the buttons used to deposit and withdraw money. Any character may deposit and withdraw money.


The Vault box contains up to nine tabs (or panes) of storage space, each with 25 slots for items. As with your backpack, items that cannot be stacked will take up one slot each.

You can expand your item storage as follows:

  • Every account comes with one pane. Every campaign added to the account adds one pane. Thus, an account with all three campaigns will have four panes.
  • You can purchase up to nine additional panes through the Guild Wars Online Store.
  • As part of the Fourth Year Anniversary Celebration, players were able to add a ninth slot for free. This limited offer is no longer available to new or veteran players (see Notes for additional details).


Material storage is an optional in-game upgrade to the Vault box; each PvE character must pay the 50 Gold fee to be able to use it. As noted above, by default, the material pane holds up to 250 of each type of crafting material; any surplus will take up a separate slot in the ordinary storage (or the character's inventory).

As with ordinary storage, PvP characters do not have to pay a fee, but cannot gain access unless that tab is unlocked by a PvE character.

Material storage can be expanded up to a maximum of 2500 of each type by purchasing Xunlai Material Storage Expansions in the Guild Wars Online Store.


  • Moving away from the Xunlai Chest while the Vault box window is open does not prevent you from using it.
  • Trial accounts are not allowed to purchase the material pane upgrade.
  • There is a ninth pane that is free and does not count towards the eight basic slots (four from campaigns and four through microtransactions). This tab's icon is a gift box and is always located after the last standard tab (i.e. those marked with a roman numeral). Before the April 22, 2015 (Tenth Year Anniversary Celebration) update, if you move your cursor over the icon, the pop-up text would display "4th Anniversary Storage". After that update, the pop-up text will simply display "Anniversary Storage".
Anomaly Anomaly.Although the promotional tab is always the last storage pane, the items stored on that slot will not follow as you add new panes. Instead, they are bound to their physical location, e.g. if you have five panes and purchase a sixth, the items will remain on pane #5, even though they were on the promotional pane, which has become pane #6.
Anomaly Anomaly.Armor in storage will always appear to be for the gender of the current viewer — not for the gender of the character the equipment was customized for.


  • There was a Guild Vault planned after the release of Factions but never implemented due to technical reasons.
  • The July 13, 2006 update introduced the material pane upgrade, reducing the need for mule characters. It was originally made available only to accounts with access to Guild Wars Factions, but after Guild Wars Nightfall was released, all accounts were able to access this upgrade. When the material pane upgrade was first released, it was purchasable from a Xunlai Representative, but they have since been removed from the game.
  • Prior to the April 5, 2007 update, there was only one item storage tab available for the Vault box.
  • Prior to the Fourth Anniversary Update on April 23, 2009, players could only have four panes of storage.
  • The February 5, 2019 update introduced the material storage expansions and increased the number of item slots per storage tab from 20 to 25.

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