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The Xunlai Guild is one of the oldest and most influential guilds in Tyria. The Xunlai are an intercontinental organization that employs great numbers of skilled individuals which are spread throughout numerous subsidiary branches. The Xunlai has long held an important place in world commerce and has been involved in pivotal moments in every nation's history. They are the primary archiving, banking, consulting, courier and distribution service in the world, and Xunlai Guild agents claim they have monopolized that position for five hundred years. The headquarters of the guild are found in Kaineng Center, the commercial capital of Cantha.

The Xunlai are primarily known to players as chiefly responsible for currency exchange and the storage of the player character's items. However, additional responsibilities include the administration of tournaments and festival events throughout Tyria, assisting the Celestial Ministry's organization with local projects, among many other things. The Xunlai are constantly working alongside the Zaishen Order, especially when dealing with guilds and tournaments. Some of the known branches include the Census and Public Opinion Bureau, Xunlai Codes and Planning Division, Xunlai Tournament House, and the unnamed branches that the Elite Xunlai Bakery Agents, the Xunlai Archivists, and the Xunlai Prophetical and Historical Investigators belong to.


Xunlai Agents and Members Xunlai Gift-Givers Xunlai Archivists

Unknown 20 Dizhou
Unknown 20 Elite Xunlai Agent Isa Ku
Unknown 20 Xunlai Investigator Jian Fo
Unknown 20 Kazuma
Unknown 20 Kun Shao
Unknown 20 Xunlai Agent Jueh
Unknown 20 Xunlai Agent Momo

Unknown 20 Xunlai Gift-Giver Gimmek
Unknown 20 Xunlai Gift-Giver Gurubei
Unknown 20 Xunlai Gift-Giver Ruxx
Unknown 20 Xunlai Gift-Giver Teodorus

Unknown 20 Xunlai Archivist Argentum
Unknown 10 Xunlai Archivist Auren
Unknown 20 Xunlai Archivist Jonemon
Unknown 10 Xunlai Archivist Plyng
Unknown 10 Xunlai Archivist Rylek
Unknown 20 Xunlai Archivist Sheftenalis
Unknown 20 Xunlai Archivist Tannatrus
Unknown 20 Xunlai Archivist Tannusay

Standard members[edit]

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