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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

The Xunlai Tournament House was a feature on the official website that allowed players to make predictions about upcoming tournaments and earn prizes. It was a way to be involved in the tournaments even when you were not fighting in them.


Quote from Xunlai Tournament House:

Feel free to look around, grab a drink on the house (try the blue juice box for a little pick-me-up), and tell one of our friendly Tournament House agents your predictions for the next event.


Xunlai Tournament House Commissioner

Our History

Allow me to speak on the origins of the Xunlai Tournament House.

Long ago, there were two brothers named Laihuen and Minwien, who were fiercely competitive. Throughout their childhood the two brothers competed against one another in all manner of contests. They competed to see who was the longest jumper, the swiftest runner, and even the fastest eater! Though the two tried to outdo one another, they still remained the best of friends and closest of brothers. As adults, they traveled the world separately, picking up new skills and fighting dangerous monsters. And each year they returned to continue their tradition of competition, battling to see who was the best and most skilled fighter. As the years passed, the brothers invited others to join their tournament and test their battle prowess, and soon the games became famous, drawing crowds from across the lands to bet on the outcome of each battle.

Eventually, the brothers had a falling out that even time and distance could not heal. They fell in love with the same woman, and . . . ah, but that's another story. Suffice it to say that one went to Tyria while the other stayed in Cantha, and the tournaments stopped for a very long time—until 1071, when trade between our two countries began once again. The competitions were revived as a way of celebrating the heroes of our shared past, and honoring them was the basis of the Xunlai Tournament House that we have today.

Our Business

Not everyone can fight in the games, of course—and you certainly don't have to fight in order to be a winner. It is considered just as prestigious to pick the champions as it is to be the victor of the tournament! Only the most cunning can predict which 1v1 competitor or which guild will win these dangerous games. Just choose your favorite player or guild, and cheer them on to victory. Predict the results of the upcoming championship tournaments, and you can even win great!

Can you correctly pick which 1v1 competitors or guilds will be victorious? Are you cunning enough to predict the outcome of the Monthly Championships? Take your best shot. Laihuen and Minwien would be proud.

Good luck!

How to play[edit]

  • Log in at the Xunlai Tournament House to enter the Predict the Current Monthly Championship Winner's contest or to register for a free account. Once logged in you can:
    • Make 1v1 predictions
    • Make GvG predictions
    • Manage your account
  • Make Your Predictions by dragging the names from the Potential Winners list into the Winning Positions boxes (drag who you think will come in 1st place into the 1st place box, who you think will come in 2nd into the 2nd place box, etc). The object of the contest is to predict the final results of the Current Monthly Championship Playoffs. When finished placing names in the Winning Positions boxes, click the Save My Predictions button to enter your selections.
  • To make changes to your existing predictions, log in to your prediction page again. You may make changes and click the Save My Predictions button. You can return to make changes to your predictions at any time before the contest ends. (see the Xunlai Tournament House Rules for the current contest beginning and ending dates)

What you win[edit]

Prediction Points[edit]

You would earn prediction points according to the following:

  • 5 prediction points for every name listed in its exact top 8 position (WIN)
  • 3 points for any prediction off by 1 position (PLACE)
  • 2 points for predictions off by 2 positions (SHOW)
  • 1 point if a prediction is off by 3 or more positions but that name still made the top 8 (LIST)

Tournament Reward Points[edit]

You win Tournament Reward Points based upon the number of prediction points you earn. Talk with the Xunlai Tournament Agent in-game to claim your Tournament Reward Points. The Xunlai Tournament Agent will appear in-game within 30 days of the completion of the Current Monthly Championship. You had 30 days after this in-game NPC appears to collect your prizes. All rewards not collected within this time would be forfeited.


Speak to Tolkano to select prizes based on the total number of points you earn.

Note: Once you claim your Tournament Reward Points from the Xunlai Tournament Agent, they are permanent for the duration of the account.

See Xunlai Tournament House Rules for more information on prizes.

Rules and conditions[edit]

See Xunlai Tournament House Rules for the current rules and conditions.

Tips For making predictions[edit]

When making your predictions, here are a few things to do or consider:

  • Visit the Competitive Play section on the Guild Wars website for current news -- especially the current ladders
  • Use Observer Mode in-game to see the guilds in action and to get better acquainted with who may win

Internal links[edit]

  • See the Support FAQ section for information about common issues that the Guild Wars Support team addressed each month.
  • The initial XTH's closure announcement can be found here.
  • The announcement of XTH's permanent retirement was made by Regina Buenaobra and can be found here.

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