Broken Tower

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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Broken Tower
Broken Tower icon.png
Region The Mists
Victory condition Kill Count
Party size 8
Allowed levels 20
Priest/Obelisk Altar
Effect None

Broken Tower was a map in the Heroes' Ascent ladder. It was removed in the August 2nd, 2007 game update. It exists somewhere in The Mists.

Broken Tower was most recently a Kill Count match, having been changed from an Altar Capping match during the Heroes' Ascent 8v8 Test Weekend.

Kill Count[edit]

In kill count, the objective is to simply kill more people than the other teams.

  • The first kill of a match scores double points.
  • Each Ghostly Hero you kill rewards two points. Each human player (or Hero) you kill rewards you one point.
  • If a Ghostly Hero is the first character killed, it rewards its killer four points.
  • If two teams contributed to a kill, the point is given to the team which inflicted the most damage to that character over the last 10 seconds. This has been confirmed by ArenaNet, but many players are skeptical as they have seen discrepancies.
  • Capturing the central altar gives your party an Altar Buff, which increases damage you deal by 10%.
  • Dead party members will be resurrected with full health and energy at their team's base every minute. If their team controls the altar, they will resurrect there instead.
  • If one team has 15 more points than the either of the other two teams, that team is declared the winner automatically in a ruling called the "Mercy Rule."

Map Layout[edit]

Broken Tower is probably the simplest map. It's a large Altar in the middle, surrounded by a wide circular pathway. Three bases line the outside of that pathway. Most teams use its size as an advantage when they are winning by simply running away from other teams, which prevents points from being scored against them. Because it is a three-team Kill Count, most teams will take advantage of the weakest team and just try to "Farm" it faster than the other team. The first half of this match is often spent trying to herd one team into another, trapping them in the middle, then farming them.


  • Each player on the winning team receives Fame based on the team's consecutive wins.
  • The winning team also earns 200 Balthazar Faction for winning, plus an extra 100 for a flawless victory.
  • The map after Broken Tower is Unholy Temples, but can be skipped.

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