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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Animal Hide
Animal Hide.png
Rarity Common
Type Trophy
Value Unknown
Stackable Yes
Campaign Factions
Collector(s) Xuwei Diyi

Animal Hides are trophies that were intended to drop from the Sickened animals in Minister Cho's Menagerie.


Xuwei Diyi[edit]

Location: Kinya Province
Collecting: 4 Animal Hides

Item Stats Requirement Weapon bonuses Value
Cleaver of Fortitude* Slashing damage: 6-15 5 Axe Mastery Health +20 10 Gold
Earth Scroll Energy +7 5 Earth Magic Halves skill recharge of Earth Magic spells (Chance 20%) 10 Gold
Dirks Piercing damage: 5-10 5 Dagger Mastery Damage +15% (while Health is above 50%) 10 Gold
Communing Focus Energy +7 5 Communing Energy +12
Energy regeneration -1
10 Gold
Longbow of Fortitude* Piercing damage: 10-16 5 Marksmanship Health +20 10 Gold
Divine Symbol Energy +7 5 Divine Favor Health +20 10 Gold
Blood Knife Energy +7 5 Blood Magic Blood Magic +1 (20% chance while using skills) 10 Gold
Inscribed Chakram Energy +7 5 Domination Magic Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 10%) 10 Gold

* Item has a salvageable weapon upgrade


Bug Bug.No one has ever seen an Animal Hide drop, although, according to developers, they should.