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"Sickened" creatures are those who have gotten too close to the malevolent spirit of Shiro Tagachi and been "infected" by the plague that will eventually turn them into an Afflicted creature, but have not made the transformation yet. They have lost control over their mind and turned into aggressive zombie-like creatures.

The player has to face a lot of sickened creatures (humans and animals) during the mission Minister Cho's Estate. During that mission, players also witness how Minister Cho makes the transformation from a Sickened into an Afflicted, called "Diseased Minister."

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Factions
Shing Jea Island Warrior 10 (24) Sickened Peasant
Warrior 8 (23), 10 (24) Sickened Guard
Ranger 8 (23) Sickened Guard
Elementalist 8 (23) Sickened Servant
Ritualist 8 (23) Sickened Scribe
Forgotten Trinket Box
Warrior 5 (23) Sickened Bear
Warrior 5 (23) Sickened Lynx
Warrior 5 (23) Sickened Moa
Warrior 5 (23) Sickened Stalker
Warrior 5 (23) Sickened Warthog
Warrior 5 (23) Sickened Wolf
Guild Wars Beyond
Shing Jea Island Warrior 22 (26) Sickened Bear
Warrior 22 (26) Sickened Lynx
Warrior 22 (26) Sickened Moa
Warrior 22 (26) Sickened Stalker
Warrior 22 (26) Sickened Warthog
Warrior 22 (26) Sickened Wolf