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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Day of the Tengu celebration at Shing Jea
Players gather round to listen to the Emperor's speech

The Day of the Tengu was a one day festival held in Shing Jea Monastery the day before Guild Wars Factions was released in 2006. You could only attend the festival if you had purchased the Factions Pre-order pack. Inside the Pre-order pack was a Factions Head Start key, that when added to a game account allowed players to jump into the continent of Cantha a full 24 hours before the official release of Guild Wars Factions.

The event was a celebration of the first anniversary of peace since the cessation of the Tengu Wars between the Humans and the Tengu of Cantha. Emperor Kisu would arrive in Shing Jea Monastery every three hours to make a small speech about the special day. Then at the end of his speech he would give a little Souvenir to certain players to remember the day by!

Special Quests[edit]

On the day of the festival there were three special quests that players could try. You could activate the quests by speaking to the Master of Celebrations in Shing Jea Monastery:

Note: Please remember that these quests are no longer available. They were only available on the day of the festival.

Tengu Masks[edit]

A Tengu Mask

Tengu Masks were special festival hats given away to players on the day of the event. Emperor Kisu would arrive every three hours awarding a Tengu Mask to every player that possessed 250 Naga Fangs in their inventory.

Naga Fangs could be obtained by completing the three quests available on the day of the festival. However after completing the three quests only 200 of the 250 Naga Fangs needed for a Tengu Mask would be awarded. The only other ways to get the rest of the Fangs would be either to buy them off other players or to farm them from the Naga enemies themselves.

Event Timetable[edit]

The event started 27 April 2006.

Every three hours (starting at 3:00 PST, 6:00 EST, or 11:00 GMT), Emperor Kisu would arrive to make a brief speech about the festival. At the end of his speech he would take 250 Naga Fangs from each player's inventory and the players would receive a Tengu Mask in exchange.

Event Transcript[edit]

Below is the dialogue that Emperor Kisu would say every three hours he visited Shing Jea Monastery during the Day of the Tengu event.

  • Day's greetings my friends. May the blessings of the gods be upon all of you on this day of celebration and remembrance.
  • It is good to see so many of you here today, Tengu and human alike, gathered to celebrate the anniversary of lasting peace between our races.
  • Hatred and mistrust once drove our two races into conflict, but friendship and respect will be the bonds that bring our two races together.
  • And though not all Tengu tribes recognize the peace treaty between us, I hope that today's gathering will send a message to those rebel clans: peace is inevitable.
  • Many of us on both sides lost close friends during the war. Let us use today to remember those well as meet new allies among former enemies.
  • There are several among us who helped foster peace between our two peoples. It is important to recognize them now, and applaud them for their efforts.
  • First, a man I believe you all know. He played an integral part in bringing an end to the conflict that has come to be called the Tengu Wars. A round of applause for Master Togo of Shing Jea Monastery!
  • And second, from the village of Aerie, an Angchu Tengu that I am proud to call friend...a valiant warrior as well as a kind and honorable being. Please show your appreciation for Talon Silverwing!
  • And now, a special surprise for all of you to help celebrate this new holiday.
  • Our friends the Angchu Tengu have a gift for their most devoted allies...for those who possess 250 or more fangs torn from the jaws of the Tengu's sworn enemy, the Naga.
  • Well done, <Player name>. I am sure our friends the Tengu are truly impressed by the sheer number of Nagas you have slain! (The emperor will shout a name of the player near to him who has the highest number of Naga Fangs in their inventory)
  • Thank you all for joining us today in celebration of the first formally recognized Day of the Tengu. I hope that by festivity's close, both races are close friends.
  • I will now allow all of you to return to the celebration. A joyous day to one and all!


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