Halloween 2008 Redux

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Halloween Is Back[edit]

We're resurrecting Halloween! Beginning after the update on Thursday, November 6th, you can enjoy Halloween fun again with special items, collectors, and the Costume Brawl. Even though Mad King Thorn will not be making a comeback, everything else will run until 11:59 Pacific (-8 GMT) on Sunday November 9th.

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Zombie Horseman.jpg
Name Location Collects Campaign
Horseman Aramon Kamadan 3 Juvenile Termite Legs Nightfall
Horseman Naramor Kamadan 2 Mandragor Carapaces Nightfall
Horseman Garthim * Kamadan 3 Sentient Roots Nightfall
Horseman Maxilus Sunspear Great Hall 2 Mandragor Carapaces Nightfall
Horseman Nuher * Sunspear Great Hall 3 Sentient Roots Nightfall
Horseman Jaysin Champion's Dawn 3 Copper Shillings Nightfall
Horseman Bishma * Champion's Dawn 3 Fledgling Skree Wings Nightfall
Horseman Kronar Kodlonu Hamlet 3 Silver Bullion Coins Nightfall
Horseman Vadir * Kodlonu Hamlet 1 Chunk of Drake Flesh Nightfall
Horseman Vulgamor Lion's Arch 3 Decayed Orr Emblems Prophecies
Horseman Malfein Lion's Arch 2 Glowing Hearts Prophecies
Horseman Sorcein Lion's Arch 1 Feathered Caromi Scalp Prophecies
Horseman Nurmangor Ascalon City 3 Charr Carvings Prophecies
Horseman Irimund Ascalon City 2 Ornate Grawl Necklace Prophecies
Horseman Saralim Henge of Denravi 2 Maguuma Manes Prophecies
Horseman Darelum Henge of Denravi 1 White Mantle Emblem Prophecies

All traders offered Witch's Brew, Ghost-in-the-Box, Squash Serum, or a Vial of Absinthe in exchange for the requested items. Those marked with an * also offer Transmogrifier Tonics.


The Costume Brawl returned.

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