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Rarity Common
Type Festive item
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Event Halloween
Uses 1
Festive points 1
Halloween Ghost in box.jpg

Uses remaining: 1
Double-click to open.

— in-game description

The Ghost-in-the-Box is a kind of consumable which can create a small ghost. Upon using this item, a little Wraith/Mindblade Spectre appears, makes a sound, and tries to scare you with a "Boo!" and disappears in a small cloud of smoke shortly afterward. This ghost is immobile and not interactable.

The Ghost-in-the-Box


This item is only available during Halloween.


  • There is an unmentioned 10 second cooldown between uses, introduced in the January 22, 2015 update.
    • Consuming several stacks of this item at once (through the use of an auto clicker or similar program) could overwhelm servers and crash instances.
    • This cooldown does not persist between instances. This makes it well paired with Crates of Fireworks which can only be spammed by repeatedly entering and leaving a guild hall, and tonics.
  • This consumable is unique in that opening this item will create a creature. Other consumables of the same type have purely cosmetic effects.
  • The above unintended effects make this item useful in various speed clears, especially areas that contain significant quantities of ghost foes.