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Festive items are a type of consumable that can contribute to the Party Animal title track. They each create a visual effect on use: tonics change a character's appearance and fireworks generate a special animation. Each can be used within outposts/towns and/or guild halls, but only some can be used in explorable areas. They cannot be used in PvP outposts or areas with the exception of guild halls.

Festive items[edit]

Icon Festive item Points Acquisition
Bottle Rocket.png Bottle Rocket 1
Champagne Popper.png Champagne Popper 1
Ghost-in-the-Box.png Ghost-in-the-Box 1
Snowman Summoner.png Snowman Summoner 1
Sparkler.png Sparkler 1
Squash Serum.png Squash Serum 1
Beetle Juice Tonic.png Beetle Juice Tonic 2
Cottontail Tonic.png Cottontail Tonic 2
Frosty Tonic.png Frosty Tonic 2
Mischievous Tonic.png Mischievous Tonic 2
Sinister Automatonic.png Sinister Automatonic 2
Transmogrifier Tonic.png Transmogrifier Tonic 2
Yuletide Tonic.png Yuletide Tonic 2
Cerebral Tonic.png Cerebral Tonic 2
Searing Tonic.png Searing Tonic 2
Abyssal Tonic.png Abyssal Tonic 2
Unseen Tonic.png Unseen Tonic 2
Phantasmal Tonic.png Phantasmal Tonic 2
Automatonic.png Automatonic 2
Boreal Tonic.png Boreal Tonic 2
Trapdoor Tonic.png Trapdoor Tonic 2
Macabre Tonic.png Macabre Tonic 2
Skeletonic.png Skeletonic 2
Gelatinous Tonic.png Gelatinous Tonic 2
Abominable Tonic.png Abominable Tonic 2
Crate of Fireworks.png Crate of Fireworks 3
Zaishen Tonic.png Minutely Mad King Tonic 3
Zaishen Tonic.png Zaishen Tonic 3
Mysterious Tonic.png Mysterious Tonic 5
Disco Ball.png Disco Ball 7
Party Beacon.png Party Beacon 50
Spooky Tonic.png Spooky Tonic 25

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