Zinn's Task

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Zinn's Task
Section Zinn's Task Quests
Campaign Zinn's Task
Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall
Given by Image of Zinn
in Golem Tutorial Simulation
Required hero M.O.X.
Followed by Trial of Zinn
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)
Zinn's Task map.jpg
Map to Zinn's Secret Lair
Zinn's Location in Lair.jpg
Zinn's location in Secret Lair

To preserve Zinn's reputation and prevent the destruction of the great Kingdoms of Tyria, you must find and deactivate the R.O.X., N.O.X., and P.O.X. golems.

Quest information[edit]


  • Having M.O.X. in the party. (Doesn't have to be in the party during the three quests.)




Complete the three quests:

Zinn's Secret Underground Lair can be found in the explorable area The Falls. It is at the westernmost end, where the waterfall displayed on the last page of the golem manual is located. A person with M.O.X in their party must interact with "The Falls" in order to achieve entrance to the secret lair. The closest town to start from is Ventari's Refuge and you must pass through two other areas with a maximum party size of six members to reach it.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Image of Zinn
"To preserve Zinn's reputation as well as the great Kingdoms of Tyria, you must find and deactivate the R.O.X., N.O.X., and P.O.X. golems."
Yes Accept: "Save an Asuran's reputation? What a noble cause. I'm in."
No Decline: "I will not comply."
Ask Ask: "What are you still doing in here? This isn't even real. Get out there and take care of those golems!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

The Falls
"This must be it. Zinn's picture clearly shows the falls. Only one way forward: jump. Do you jump?"
Yes Take a deep breath and dive over the edge. (sent to Secret Underground Lair)
No I can't swim.

Once inside Secret Underground Lair:

Golem Sentry: "*IN-TRU-DER A-LERT*"

If Zinn's Task has not been completed:

Zinn: "What are you doing here? You shouldn't be here! Not yet!"
Zinn: "Get back out there and kill those golems! Now!"

If Zinn's Task has been completed:

Zinn: "Ah, you made it. Good. My intelligence network already informed me of the successful completion of your assignment."
Zinn: "I'm terribly relieved. I was horrified about what might happen...to my reputation. Come along. Get your reward. You earned it."

When approaching Zinn:

Zinn: "Why, look who's here!"
<Party leader>: "What does the "G" stand for?"
<Party leader>: "Is it supposed to be stupid?"
Zinn: "G.O.X. isn't stupid! It's very advanced!"
Zinn: "One day G.O.X. you will be just like M.O.X. Isn't that right, G.O.X.?"
Zinn: "No, no! Just like M.O.X.
Zinn: "Oh, never mind."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"As promised, here is further compensation for your services. Perhaps I underestimated you...I mean, I'm happy my faith in your abilities rang true."


  • MOX must be in your party in order to reach Zinn's lair; only the player bringing the golem hero can speak with Zinn to continue the quest.
  • Parties who haven't completed the quest will be returned to Ventari's Refuge, after Zinn's dialogue.
  • Be careful in the area right before the secret lair, as it is easy to aggro the nearby Wind Riders (and their elementalist boss).
Anomaly Anomaly.While in Zinn's Secret Lair, the map displays as if the party is beneath Oola's Lab; however, the Lair is northwest of that location.
Anomaly Anomaly.Page 5 of the manual says, "bring M.O.X. with you, as he will be able to bypass the security protocols;" however, the quest log fails to make this requirement clear.


  • G.O.X.'s quotes are a reference to Gir from the show Invader Zim.
  • The line "What does the "G" stand for?" is a reference to GIR from the show Invader Zim when GIR is assigned to Zim, and all the other invaders receive a SIR. GIR's response is "I dooooon't know."
  • The decline option may be a quote from Star Trek: Voyager where ex-borg Seven of Nine will say "I will not comply."