Secret Underground Lair

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Secret Underground Lair
Secret Underground Lair.png
Campaign Prophecies
Region Maguuma Jungle
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) The Falls
Zinn's Task map.jpg
Location in the Falls
The Falls cliff.JPG
The entrance from the Falls
Secret Underground Lair Map.JPG
Mission map and Zinn's location
Secret Underground Lair ruins.jpg
Unknown ruins

The secret lair or laboratory of Zinn.

Getting there[edit]

Go to the Falls with M.O.X. and click on the "The Falls" on the far west side of the zone. There are multiple Wind Rider groups with overlapping patrols before it.

The character who has their M.O.X. in the party must be the one to click "The Falls" to gain entrance for the entire party.




  • Zinn's Secret Underground Lair is basically a reuse of the level 2 map of Oola's Lab, which explains why the world map shows this location to be far from where you entered.


  • The entire dialogue discussing G.O.X. is a reference to the G.I.R. robot from the Nickelodeon Cartoon TV series Invader Zim, specifically the first episode.

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