Ettin's Back

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Disambig icon.png This article is about an explorable area. This name is also used for a Zaishen vanquish quest.
Ettin's Back
Ettin's Back.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Maguuma Jungle
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Aurora Glade
Dry Top
Reed Bog
Ventari's Refuge
Ettin's Back map.jpg
Interactive Map
Non-interactive maps

Ettin's Back takes its name from the dry uneven terrain, the "humps" (such as those of an ettin), that encompass this part of the Maguuma Jungle. Ventari's Refuge lies within its western half. This is a hostile area with marauding centaurs and hidden dangers.

Getting there[edit]

The primary quest White Mantle Wrath: Demagogue's Vanguard will lead you through here.


Resurrection shrines

Quests available[edit]




Other allies[edit]

Charmable animals[edit]













  • Complete exploration of this area contributes approximately 1.6% to the Tyrian Cartographer title.
  • Vanquisher runs of this area without active quests require defeating around 195 foes. Including quest influences, it has been reported to range from 166 to 220 foes.
    • There are a lot of popups in this area. Hidden devourers riddle the area to a point where large swathes of the southern central half are empty except for hidden foes. The small green area in the east also hides Moss Scarabs amongst the few Thorn Stalker Sprouts. Consider heading east last.
    • A few groups of Thorn Stalkers patrol a long route in the center and may be missed. Backtrack in the opposite direction to find them. There are also groups of Maguuma centaurs patrolling large areas to the northwest which can be missed easily.
    • North of Ventari's Refuge are a few groups of centaurs that travel fast, and may be missed.
    • Area of effect opportunities are very limited on this vanquish. For this reason, Elementalists should consider elites like Invoke Lightning, and Mesmers should avoid elites like Panic or Keystone signet.
    • It is unnecessary to bring hex removal skills, since a boss with Life Siphon is the sole hex on this vanquish.

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