Deep Root

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Deep Root
Shining Blade warrior.jpg
Affiliation Shining Blade
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 15 (20)
Campaigns Prophecies

Deep Root is a Shining Blade veteran who believes that the Shining Blade will overcome the White Mantle. He stands right before Ventari's Refuge.



Quests given:



Ettin's Back
"Stop and close your eyes, listen to the wind, feel the majesty of this forest.... The power of nature cannot be overcome by the White Mantle. That is why we'll defeat them. They do not respect powers that they do not understand."
"How else can I enlighten you?"
Shining Blade camp
"It is good to see all of our brethren in one place again, though it saddens me greatly to see how many have been lost. I fear a repeat of what happened at the Henge of Denravi, regardless of the quality of the intelligence Bartholos has been receiving from our spies."
During the Battle for Lion's Arch
"Good intelligence and proper planning have gotten us to this day. Strength and faith in the Six Gods will get us to the next."
Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)
"Many brave men and women gave their lives today so that Kryta can live free from the persecution of the White Mantle and their Unseen Gods. Their sacrifice shall not be in vain! We shall make Kryta a beacon of hope for all mankind!"


  • Deep Root's name is most likely a reference to Deep Throat, as indicated by the subject matter of his quests and dialogue.