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Affiliation Shining Blade
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 20
Campaigns Eye of the North

The leader of the Shining Blade, Bartholos is a hardened veteran with scars from a hundred battles. Shortly after succeeding Evennia as leader of the Shining Blade, Bartholos’ aged mother was placed in a White Mantle re-education camp. Bartholos led the raid to free the prisoners from the camp, but by the time he arrived his mother had died. Today Bartholos metes out cold vengeance against the White Mantle in a relentless war of attrition.

Bartholos is the leader of the Shining Blade after Evennia resigns to council Princess Salma. He led an expedition to Tarnished Coast in search of allies in the form of the Asura, and led the rebels during the War in Kryta. After the War in Kryta, he was assigned to be the leader of the Seraph.



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War in Kryta


Gadd's Encampment
"How can you help me?"
"There is no way we can lose the fight with heroes like you around. There is much for the Shining Blade to do before Kryta is once again at peace, but we will find a way."
Shining Blade camp
"Well met, friends. Here you see what is left of the Shining Blade, but new recruits are coming in all the time to bolster our numbers. We expect the Lionguard to join the fight as well when the Princess travels to Lion's Arch.
"Aren't you concerned about having so many important people in one place?"
"We have spies embedded deep within the White Mantle, so we know what they know – and they do not know about this camp. I aim to keep it that way."
Shining Blade Camp (after Salma leaves for Lion's Arch)
"Princess Salma's safety is in the hands of the Lionguard now. She will have need of the Blade soon; we must be made ready for her call."
During the Battle for Lion's Arch
"Our descendants will sing of the deeds committed here! Today, we free Kryta! Today, we crush the White Mantle and send their demon masters to hell!"
Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)
"This is a day that shall go down in history! While the Shining Blade played a crucial role in this most righteous of victories, I fear the years of White Mantle propaganda citing us as murderers and villains will never allow the Krytan people to embrace our organization as a legitimate authority. Therefore, with a heavy heart, I must relinquish leadership of the Shining Blade to Livia, effective immediately, so I may form a new Krytan army, sworn to protect Queen and country! We shall be known as the Seraph."


  • In the Prophecies finale, the Shining Blade warrior and ranger both name Bartholos as successor to Evennia as leader of the Shining Blade.
  • He was interviewed by Murro in the War Chronicles.
  • The NPC uses a whistle emote that human players can't.


  • His coffin appears in Lake Doric in Guild Wars 2, with the dates 1038-1099 AE.