Shining Blade camp

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Shining Blade Camp
Shining Blade camp.jpg
Storyline Beyond: War in Kryta
Region Prophecies: Kryta
Type Landmark
Dakutu Village map.jpg
From the Temple of the Ages
Dakutu Village map2.jpg
From Fishermen's Haven
Dakutu Village signpost.jpg
Signpost in the Shining Blade camp

The Shining Blade camp is located in Dakutu Village in Talmark Wilderness. It acts as the Shining Blade's main base of operations during the later portion of the Krytan civil war.




Other allies[edit]

  1. Stops appearing after Dialogue 2.
  2. Only during Dialogue 3.
  3. Only during Dialogue 3 and Encounter 13.
  4. Stops appearing after Dialogue 6.
  5. Stops appearing after Dialogue 6, except during Encounter 12, Encounter 13, and Encounter 14.



  • The Shining Blade camp will not appear until the War in Kryta is started.
  • The dialogues above do not necessarily occur in sequential order. See War in Kryta for details.
  • After finishing Mustering a Response, the camp will continue to appear on the map. However, it will be mostly deserted (there will be a short monologue about this once you enter the deserted camp).
Anomaly Anomaly.If anyone in your party has unlocked Lion's Arch Keep, Salma, Evennia and Bartholos will not spawn, preventing progress in the War in Kryta content. To fix this, rezone back into Talmark Wilderness without those players. (Normally, spawns follow the player who has made the least progress in the storyline.)


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