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Shining Blade warrior.jpg
Affiliation Shining Blade
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 15, 20
Campaigns Prophecies

Sorim is a skill trainer in Quarrel Falls.



Skills offered[edit]

Warrior Warrior Ranger Ranger Monk Monk
Necromancer Necromancer Mesmer Mesmer Elementalist Elementalist


Shining Blade camp (before Salma leaves for Lion's Arch)
"Are you eyeballing me, maggot? Oh! Sorry, I thought you were one of my new recruits. These young Krytans are brave, but valor isn't enough. They need discipline and skill. That's where I come in."
Shining Blade camp (after Salma leaves for Lion's Arch)
"These Shining Blade recruits are as ready as they'll ever be. Kryta's future lies in their hands."
During the Battle for Lion's Arch
"Death to the White Mantle!"
Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)
"The recruits didn't let me down! I knew if they remembered their training and watched each others' backs, we would be victorious! I can't help but feel responsible for those who fell on the battlefield, though. It never gets easier..."


  • In Dakutu Village, Sorim is responsible for the basic training of Shining Blade Recruits. The recruits standing in front of him will perform various emotes according to his orders.