Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)

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Lion's Arch
Lion's Arch.jpg
Storyline Beyond: War in Kryta
Region Prophecies: Kryta
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) None

Getting there[edit]

Can only be accessed through completing The Battle for Lion's Arch.





Shining Blade[edit]


White Mantle[edit]


Ebon Falcons[edit]



Other allies[edit]


Salma's Speech[edit]

Princess Salma: "People of Kryta."
Princess Salma: "I stand before you at both the dawn of a new age of prosperity and a return to the traditions of our ancestors. Our enemies have been dismantled, and all out years of suffering and oppression are finally over."
Princess Salma: "It will take continued vigilance and courage to restore peace to the whole of Kryta, but we shall face our challenges as a united people."
Princess Salma: "Many have fought and bled and sacrificed so that we may see this day."
Princess Salma: "We thank the Lionguard for their unwavering support of the people of Kryta. They shall continue, under the command of Firstwatch Sergio, in service to the city of Lion's Arch."
Princess Salma: "We thank the Shining Blade. They have been our truest companions and have proved themselves to be the true defenders of Kryta."
Princess Salma: "Guided now by our loyal servant Livia, the Shining Blade will continue to serve Kryta, not as a rebel group nor as a militia, nor even as an army, but shall henceforth serve as the royal guard for all kings and queens of Kryta."
Princess Salma: "Most of all, we thank the people of Kryta, who have endured so much with such great dignity. All across Tyria, free people sing the praises of the common Krytan, and I join them in their chorus."
Princess Salma: "This conflict has been a difficult one, pitting brother against brother, and neighbor against neighbor. Not all who fought against us were motivated by evil, for some were deceived by the lies or cowed by the threats of the White Mantle."
Princess Salma: "In the spirit of the new, reborn Kryta, it is time to put those dark days behind us. Now is the time for rebuilding, not retribution. Now is the time for forgiveness, not vengeance. Let us all face this new era together, without hate in our hearts."
Princess Salma: "In that spirit, we hereby announce the formation of a new army for the defense of the whole of Kryta and for all humans who call Kryta their home."
Princess Salma: "Honoring the winged goddess who protected us in our final battle against the fiends who had usurped our kingdom, this new group will be called the Seraph, and the valiant Bartholos shall be their commander."
Princess Salma: "In this new army, common citizens and former members of the White Mantle and Shining Blade will serve side-by-side. You will know the Seraph by the wings that adorn their helms and shields, and by their resolute defense of our land. They shall be the protectors of Kryta."
Princess Salma: "Know this, my countrymen: never again will we stand by while another Krytan suffers!"
Princess Salma: "Never again shall we allow inhuman evil to fester and grow amongst us!"
Princess Salma: "Never again will Krytans turn their back on their heritage and their gods!"
Princess Salma: "Let a new age dawn, an age of justice and peace for all Krytans!"

The Ebon Falcons[edit]

Lawrence Crafton: "Captain Greywind!"
Nola Sheppard: "Are you alright? You're bleeding! What happened to the settlers?"
Captain Greywind: "I'm fine, it's nothing serious. We had to divert east through Scoundrel's Rise and enter through Lion's Gate to avoid the White Mantle army."
Koro Sagewind: "Did everyone make it here safely? Where are the Captain and Lieutenant Thackeray?"
Captain Greywind: "We found the missing family and escorted them here safely, but... Langmar and Thackeray stayed back to buy us time to escape. The last time I saw them they were leading the White Mantle army from us. Have they not arrived here yet?"
Lawrence Crafton: "No, we expected them to come in with you! You said they stayed behind to divert the White Mantle army? Just the two of them?"
Captain Greywind: "Yes."
Dian Fermati: "You just left them there?! What in Balthazar's blazes were you thinking?"
Lawrence Crafton: "He was thinking about the people of the settlement, Dian. He's their leader and he needs to survive if they are going to rebuild. I'm sure Captain Langmar realized this as well and sent him ahead for that reason."
Captain Greywind: "You know your Captain well. That's what she told me when I protested her decision."
Dian Fermati: "But... but that mean..."
Nola Sheppard: "No... they couldn't have been..."
Koro Sagewind: "Stop. Don't even finish that sentence. If there's anyone who could have survived those odds, it's Langmar and Thackeray. Instead of worrying about what might have happened, we should be putting together a search party."
Lawrence Crafton: "Koro's right. We'll split up and cover the paths they could have taken to Lion's Arch. Nola and Dian, you two should head out of the Lion's Gate and work your way back west towards the settlement, retracting Captain Greywind's steps. Rigo and I will-"
Lawrence Crafton: "Rigo, get over here!"
Rigo Bolan: "Yes, Sergeant?"
Lawrence Crafton: "Rigo, you and I will head through North Kryta Province and see if we can find them along that path. Koro, you stay here and treat Captain Greywind's wounds, then see if you can get the Queen to lend us some strong swimmers to help search Lesser Giant's Basin."
Koro Sagewind: "You don't think they-"
Lawrence Crafton: "Until they turn up, anything is possible. We must search the water as well as the land."
Captain Greywind: "I will join you in the search. This is my responsibility, too."
Lawrence Crafton: "But-"
Captain Greywind: "I won't take no for an answer, Sergeant. You're not going to defy a superior's orders, are you?"
Lawrence Crafton: "No, sire. And thank you. But let Koro treat you first."
Dian Fermati: "You'd better still be alive out there Captain..."
Nola Sheppard: "Lieutenant Thackeray"

The old men[edit]

Jorith: "Well, I guess that's the end of the White Mantle. I was expecting a little more fight out of them m'self."
Antwyn: "Hah? These young'ns call this a final battle? Back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled Asuran magics to protect us from Spectral Agony. We just had to tough it out. Kids these days don't know how good they've got it!"
Jorith: "I remember the day you had to walk fifteen miles uphill in the Shiverpeaks, then kill a spectral abomination just to get one piece of armor infused! And we liked it that way!"
Carden: "That's nothing! You wouldn't be sitting here if me and my two buddies hadn't killed the Lich Lord twice while he was on the bloodstone. And we did it without help from any fancy pants heroes."
Antwyn: "Have you got mud for brains? That was us!"


  • Bartholos is stepping down as the leader of the Shining Blade to be replaced by Livia.
    • He will act as commanding leader of Seraph, a new military presence in Kryta sanctioned by Queen Salma, named so in honor of her patron goddess Dwayna.
  • Evennia has gone missing in Ascalon.
  • Captain Langmar and Lieutenant Thackeray are still missing, Captain Greywind and the Ebon Falcons are mounting a search party.
  • The old men talk about the events of two missions in the Prophecies campaign, specifically Iron Mines of Moladune and Hell's Precipice.
    • The reference about infusion is also accurate. Originally only one piece of armor could be infused per run of the mission; this was later patched to infuse all equipped armor.
    • The reference about killing the Lich without any heroes is also true, as heroes were only added to the game with the release of Nightfall.
  • When spoken to, Blimm will make a comment about how he is going to make sure he has some cake "this time", continuing on, he says "You don't think that... that the cake is a lie do you? If it is a lie again... I'll...I'll burn it all down" This is a reference to the puzzle game Portal in which the recurring phrase "The cake is a lie" spawned an internet meme

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