Nola Sheppard

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Nola Sheppard
Ascalon necromancer f.jpg
Affiliation Ebon Vanguard
Type Human
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 20(20)
Campaigns Prophecies
Eye of the North

Nola Sheppard is a member of Lieutenant Thackeray's elite unit, the Ebon Falcons. She can randomly join the party in Krytan territories during the events of the War in Kryta after Captain Langmar Arrives in Lion's Arch.



15 Death Magic (20 Death Magic in Hard mode)


War in Kryta ally
"I lost everything in the Searing and wandered around for a long time before picked up by the Ebon Vanguard. When I'm with the Falcons, it feels like I'm home again."
Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)
"I won't cry, I won't cry. I don't...I don't want to be alone again. Please, let them be all right."
Olafstead (During The Wedding)
"Once, when I was still learning the Necromantic arts, I used bone minions to act out a wedding. The real thing is so much nicer, though. Especially without the groom's arms falling off. I'm so happy for the both of them!"


Upon appearing
"Ah, hello. Please don't be alarmed, Lieutenant Thackeray sent me to help you with your current task. The Mantle have been sweeping this area more frequently as of late, and he felt you could use the extra help. I hope we can get along well.
Idle quotes
"Bone minions are a lot like sheep: they both need a lot of attention and management from their owners. The main difference is the part where their insides are on the outside."
"Did you see the sunrise today? It was so pretty. What? Because I'm a Necromancer, I'm not allowed to like a sunny day?"
"I've always felt that Mister Rigo is a little shy. Maybe that's why he's always hiding. He gave me this whistle though, before we left the Eye. Apparently, if I blow on it, he'll appear and help us."
"I hope the lieutenant is feeling better; he seemed so sad before we left."
"I tried making a flesh golem once. It was such a fun experience. I named him Inek...Minions never last very long though, and it was sad to see him fall apart like that. I don't name my minions anymore."
"Today's going to be a good day I think."
"Everyone always assumes that Necromancers are all grave and somber. It's not fair to be stereotyped just because of the number of belt buckles we like to wear."

Battle quotes[edit]

"I hope you have two gold coins for the rift wardens!"
"I've seen bone horrors with better faces than you."
"May Grenth forgive the both of us."
"You're looking rather flushed; mind if I borrow the extra blood?"



  • Nola Sheppard is a reference to Nora Arendt, a shepherdess from the light novel series Spice and Wolf.
  • Her line "I hope you have two gold coins for the rift wardens!" is a reference to the practice in ancient Greece of placing two coins on the eyes of the deceased to pay the ferryman Charon across the river Styx in the underworld.
  • She uses the same skin as Kasha Blackblood, another female necromancer from Ascalon.
  • Nola will die in 1112 AE and be buried in Ebonhawke.