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Disambig icon.png "Ebonhawk" redirects here. For the skill, see Ebon Hawk.

Ebonhawke is an abandoned Ascalonian mining village along the edge of where the Blazeridge Mountains and Shiverpeak Mountains meet, along the southern borders of Ascalon. In 1080 AE, it is converted into a fortress by Captain Gwen Thackeray and the Ebon Vanguard after King Adelbern recalls them from the Far Shiverpeaks and, after a short rest in Ascalon City, sends them south to combat a "rising threat." King Adelbern also sent a group of civilians, from bakers to blacksmiths, most of whom showed disagreement with Adelbern's plans to hold the city, with the Ebon Vanguard. During their trek south, the Ascalonians encountered Charr forces which led to the deaths of Dian Fermati and Koro Sagewind.


  • According to an official press release, Ebonhawke was intended to be established during Guild Wars Beyond,[1] but the plans were scrapped.