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Disambig icon.png This article is about Ascalon after the Searing. For information on Ascalon before the Searing, see Ascalon (pre-Searing).
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Continent Tyria
Town Ascalon City
Neighbor(s) Northern Shiverpeaks
Campaigns Prophecies
Eye of the North
Bonus Mission Pack
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Interactive Map of Ascalon
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Ascalon signpost.
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Ascalon waymarker.

Once, Ascalon was a beautiful, fertile land of rolling green countryside and magnificent cities. Her people were viewed as grim by their neighbors. This was perhaps, to be expected, given their never-ending war against the aggressive Charr. Indeed, it was their unfailing vigilance, their Great Northern Wall, and the blood they shed each year to defend it that had protected not only Ascalon, but also Kryta and Orr through the ages.

Then came the invasion, and with it, the Searing.

Anyone alive today will remember the day the lands of Ascalon were blasted and torn with magic fire. Whole cities and guilds were destroyed in the Searing, and the might of Ascalon was shattered. Now the Great Northern Wall lies broken, and the Charr have overrun much of the kingdom, defiling it with their unholy shrines, killing those who stand in their way.

The survival of Ascalon hinges on but a single remaining corner of the fallen kingdom—the capital city of Rin. In the final years of the last Guild War, the people of Rin looked to a soldier named Adelbern, a simple man of humble origins, who rallied the people with his courage and cunning and steeled them not only against the guilds of Orr and Kryta but also against the terrors of the Charr.

The sudden destruction of most of the kingdom during the Searing has taken much of the fight out of the man now known as King Adelbern. He has become stubborn and set in his ways, afraid of losing what little he has left. But in his son Rurik, the people see a leader with the courage to perhaps help them reclaim their fallen kingdom.

The survivors of Ascalon live in a state of constant warfare, using hit-and-run tactics and the remnants of the Great Wall to prevent any significant advances by the Charr into their territory. King Adelbern has circled the wagons, so to speak, content to simply defend what Ascalon has left and live to fight another day. Prince Rurik, on the other hand, is far more daring than his father thinks is wise, and has even suggested that the time may be coming to launch an offensive against the Charr.

Already the rumbling of the winds of change can be heard in the streets. People are frightened. They wonder what will become of them. Some even wonder aloud if Adelbern has lost what it takes to steer Ascalon back from the brink. They wish to see the prince step up and take command of the kingdom. Perhaps under his guidance, the people of Ascalon will live on to see another golden age.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts

Ascalon is a beleaguered human nation in Tyria. Ascalon lies between the large Shiverpeak Mountains to the west and the Blazeridge Mountains to the east. Humans conquered a large portion of the land and established Ascalon in 100 BE and holds King's Watch, where King Doric was crowned. There has been a constant war with the Charr since that time, which had been in Ascalon's favor due to the Charr's disorganization until the Searing. With the Searing, the Charr gained the upper hand and even managed to get multiple warbands through Ascalon to head towards Orr. Since then, the battle with the Charr became a true struggle.

Until the Charr invasion, Ascalon borders and structures reached as far north as the edge of the now-scorched lands. The northernmost known settlement being Duke Gaban's estate, which was one of the first lands to be struck during the Charr invasion. Sometime in the past, Ascalonians also headed south into the Crystal Desert and the Desolation, sending expeditions and building at least one structure, which is located in the Shattered Ravines.

The people of Ascalon are known as Ascalonians.

Recent events[edit]

The mighty kingdom of Ascalon has seen better days. Humbled under the relentless assault of the Charr, its cities ruined, its population scattered across the globe—Ascalon has become a conquered and savaged nation. Brave heroes have slowed, but not stemmed, the invading hordes. A large military force under the command of King Adelbern continues to defend the nation from incursion, but they slip farther and farther south as their battle lines collapse beneath the strength of the Charr forces.

In these dire times, brave cadres of Ascalonians—among them, the Ebon Vanguard—have taken up the fight to save Ascalon from the Charr and free it once more. These small units—many made up of humans who have escaped Charr enslavement—have slipped behind (and, in some cases, broken through) the Charr lines. They harry the invaders and divert supplies and troops away from Ascalon, leaving the Charr to gnash their teeth at human ingenuity and perseverance.

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript


Blasted and battered, the current landscape of Ascalon holds only the ghost of its former glory. Skeletons of grand cathedrals and remnants of whole cities lie broken on the shifted, displaced ground. The protective Great Northern Wall is perhaps the most intact structure in the entire kingdom, but the destruction that surrounds it lies in testament to its ultimate failure.

Before the Charr invasion and the Searing, Ascalon was a fertile land, full of wheat fields and blossoming flowers. Now though, little grows here in this wasteland. The once loamy earth is now dry and arid. The riverbeds have dried up, and the mudflats have turned into a patchwork of cracked plates and jagged scars in the ground.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts

Towns and outposts[edit]

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Explorable areas[edit]



  • Guilds at War
  • [untitled]
  • The Charr
  • The Great Northern Wall



  • Characters can obtain about 16.8% explored area from exploring all of Ascalon.


Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an article on Ascalon.
  • Ashkelon was a large and important seaport in ancient Canaan that was destroyed in 1270 C.E. Its name was transliterated as "Ascalon" by the English Crusaders, and is spelled as such in the Douay-Rheims Edition of the Bible. In Judges 1:18 there is a mention of Ashkelon/Ascalon and other cities being captured by the Israelites, who destroyed most of the cities they captured with fire.
  • Ascalon is also the name of the lance with which St. George slew the dragon in English lore and legend.
  • The Ascalon census is a wiki project to determine the whereabouts of pre-Searing named NPCs in the post-Searing world.

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