Raisu Palace

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost, an explorable area, a Zaishen mission quest, and a Zaishen vanquish quest.
Raisu Palace
Raisu Palace map.jpg
Campaign Factions
Region Kaineng City
Type Cooperative
Party size 8
Duration Medium
Preceded by Taking Back the Palace
Followed by Imperial Sanctum

The palace has been breached and Shiro has taken Emperor Kisu. Make your way through the Shiro'ken before it's too late.

Mission information[edit]


  • Starting the mission has no requirements, but if the party contains any characters that have not completed Taking Back the Palace (accepting the reward is not required), the gate from Raisu Pavilion will be closed.
  • Taking Back the Palace grants access, but any characters that have not completed Unwaking Waters will be left behind in Raisu Pavilion.


Get to the emperor before Shiro kills him!

  • <Character name>, you must choose two allies from among these heroes to accompany the party.
  • Master Togo must survive.
  • Mhenlo must survive.


Normal mode Completion time Rewards
Standard > 25 minutes 1,000 XP 100Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Expert's 20 - 25 minutes 1,500 XP 150Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Master's < 20 minutes 2,000 XP 200Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Hard mode Completion time Rewards
Standard > 28 minutes 1,000 XP 200Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Expert's 26 - 28 minutes 2,000 XP 300Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Master's < 26 minutes 3,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png



At the beginning of this mission, be sure to acquire a Celestial skill from Kuunavang. These skills are very powerful, and will recharge each time you defeat one of the many bosses in this mission. Take note that only player characters and henchmen can get Celestial skills; heroes cannot. As such, it is worth considering whether or not your hero build really is more effective than the warrior and elementalist henchmen as they get Storm of Swords and Celestial Storm respectively.

After that, the party leader has to choose two NPCs to join as allies. These NPCs will fight with you, but cannot be resurrected if they die, and will leave your party at a prescribed point during the mission (if they are still alive) to let your party skip a small section of the mission:

  • Argo - Lets the party skip the first groups of Shiro'ken; thereby allowing the party to head straight to the Warrior boss.
  • Cynn - Lets the party skip the group of Shiro'ken; this occurs before the bridges after the Elementalist boss.
  • Danika - Closes a gate in a large room full of Shiro'ken; thereby providing the party with a faster alternate route to the Ritualist boss.
  • Nika - Lets the party skip the Ranger boss.
  • Panaku - Disables the Acid Traps in the corridor that leads to the Ritualist boss.
  • Talon Silverwing - Closes the gates on the portal rooms after the Warrior boss; thereby containing the Shiro'ken in those rooms.

Choosing Danika, in addition to Talon, is recommended as being the most "time-efficient". If you chose Talon, you can skip the most combat-intensive segment of the mission that has the largest number of Shiro'ken. After the elementalist boss, if you chose Danika, the party can run past where Cynn's shortcut would be and activate Danika's; effectively giving you the benefits of both. Argo only skips an insignificant group of six or seven Shiro'ken. Panaku only disables the traps (that only deal 10-20 damage each and can be easily avoided); Panaku can also get body blocked by enemies during the cinematic and end up not disabling the traps.

The timer for the mission does not actually start until after the party leader has selected two allies, and walked through the gate that opens after the allies have been selected. In addition to the two allies selected, Master Togo and Mhenlo will also be accompanying the party.

Getting to the emperor[edit]

Room one, unless you chose Argo, you must go left or right around the outside of the room to reach the Warrior boss. It is advised to pull the boss as to not aggro the group behind him.

Boss two, if you chose Talon, the doors to the spawn portals close and you can approach and kill the Necromancer boss with ease. If you did not choose Talon, your party should run through the middle into the Necromancer group and be careful not to aggro the growing group of Shiro'ken forming in the middle of the room.

Boss three, if you chose Nika, you will skip the Ranger boss. Otherwise, you must defeat the Ranger boss atop the ramp. After killing the boss, turn left or right and begin pulling the small patrolling groups of enemies carefully in order to eliminate them before engaging the Elementalist boss. If you try and take Nika's route without having Nika with you, the Ranger boss runs around and onto the high point and engages you anyway.

Boss four, after pulling the groups near the Elementalist boss, engage and kill the boss group. Be mindful that Ritualists and Monks tend to hide on the stairs behind the boss and can resurrect or heal without pressure. If you chose Danika, be prepared to run.

Boss five, if you chose Danika, you must make a dash across the bridge behind this room, ignoring enemies from the spawn portals until the cinematic engages. You may be followed by a group from behind which you will have to defeat. This can be hard to do if your party has not discussed the run. After the cinematic, you must turn left and follow the outside wall until reaching the Ritualist boss. Stay on the carpet to avoid the Acid Traps.

Boss five, if you chose Cynn, the spawn portals are closed and you can fight your way across the bridge in the middle of the room. Once across, you must follow the multiple groups of enemies until reaching the Ritualist boss. Stay on the carpet to avoid the Acid Traps.

Boss five, if you chose Panaku, and he is still alive, the Acid Traps will be disabled making it possible for the party to stand where you like.

Boss six/seven/eight, the bosses in this mission are all just health and energy tank versions of their Shiro’ken offspring. Use the same kill order as before, making the Monk a priority, followed by the Assassin and Mesmer.

Skill recommendations[edit]










Boss-like foes[edit]



Opening cinematic[edit]

Gate Captain: "Lock down the palace."
Gate Captain: "Activate the defenses."
Gate Guard: "But sir, our men are out there, too."
Gate Guard: "They'll be killed."
Gate Captain: "Don't fool yourself soldier."
Gate Captain: "Those men are already dead."
Gate Captain: "And we will be too if you don't do as I tell you."
Gate Guard: "As you command."

Emperor's Guard: "My emperor, the palace is surrounded, and the main hall is under attack."
Emperor's Guard: "I will not be long before the walls of this chamber are breached."
Emperor's Guard: "We must take you to safety."
Emperor Kisu: "We're surrounded? By whom?"
Emperor Kisu: "Who would attack the Royal Palace?"
Emperor's Guard: "He has returned, my emperor. Shiro Tagachi."
Shiro Tagachi returns!
Emperor Kisu: "Do your worst."
Shiro Tagachi: "All in good time, Emperor."
Shiro Tagachi: "All in good time."

Master Togo: "The palace has been breached."
Master Togo: "The emperor is within Shiro's grasp."
Kuunavang: "Take heed, my friends. There are more spirit warriors on the horizon."
Kuunavang: "They will arrive at the palace gates within the hour."
Brother Mhenlo: "Once inside the palace walls, we cannot afford to get caught between two forces. We'll get cut to pieces."
Master Togo: "Mhenlo is right."
Master Togo: "We will have to split up."
Master Togo: "Some of you will have to stay here and hold this gate."

Initial dialogue[edit]

Master Togo: "He undoubtedly has more forces coming in as we speak. <Party leader>, choose two of these six to accompany us. The rest will stay here and hold off the incoming forces for as long as they can."
Master Togo: "Shiro's army has taken control of the palace!"
Master Togo: "I am coming, brother!"
Brother Mhenlo: "You heard Master Togo, let's go save his brother!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

As you select them to join you:

Argo: "I will represent the Luxons with honor."
Cynn: "You picked me! A wise choice. Perhaps I underestimated you. Mhenlo, I sure hope you brought your Healing Hands!"
Danika: "Now is the time for actions! The time for deliberation is past."
Nika: "Why do we wait? My daggers are eager for action."
Panaku: "I will watch your back."
Talon Silverwing: "I am but a feather that follows the wind."

After leaving the first room if Argo is not with you.

Master Togo: "If only there was a way to sneak across the waterway...Yes! That is it! A burst of Argo's power should do the trick!"

When entering Doomed Ancient Kkraz's room if Talon Silverwing is not with you.

Master Togo: "Be wary of those side corridors to the north and south; I would be surprised if Shiro did not have some of his army positioned there. Now that I think of it, Talon could seal off those corridors..."

When reaching Famished Ancient Brrne if Nika is not with you.

Brother Mhenlo: "Look up ahead! I think those are some of Shiro's lieutenants. If the stories I've heard about Nika are true, I am sure she could kill them all in a single blow!"

When reaching the bridge if Cynn is not with you.

Master Togo: "Ahhh, the bridge...we are getting close now. This could be a very strategic location; were anyone following us, Cynn could cut them off by destroying the bridge."

After crossing the bridge.

Master Togo: "I fear that my brother cannot hold out much longer! We must hurry!"

If Danika is not with you.

Master Togo: "Danika's headstrong nature and eagerness to help could sure come in handy....I can just see her charging in to seal that door to protect us."

When reaching the room with Acid Traps if Panaku is not with you.

Master Togo: "There are acid traps in this room, so watch where you step. Not only are they extremely painful, they can actually cripple you."
Master Togo: "Usually, traps such as these can be disabled by finding the correct talisman. Were I to hazard a guess, I would say that there is one master talisman that will disable all of the traps, and a number of minor talismans that will shut off portions of the traps.
Master Togo: "Panaku would be able to find the correct talisman in no time, I am sure of it. He has always been extremely gifted when it comes to solving puzzles such as this."

When reaching Shiro Tagachi.

Shiro Tagachi: "Ku kao Xa'ah, ikah tanra bah nae."

End cinematic[edit]

Master Togo: "Emperor!"
Emperor Kisu: "Brother! No!"


  • If you speak to Kuunavang you get a temporary Celestial skill which recharges when a boss is killed. If you replace Charm Animal, Comfort Animal, or Heal as One with a Celestial skill, your pet will still remain.
  • The Gate Guard spawns immediately before the ending cinematic, as such, it cannot be killed.
  • Make sure that the two ally henchmen you choose survive until the part that you want them to help you skip. If they die before they get there, they are unable to perform the action that will allow you to skip the room/boss.
  • If you choose Danika, once you get past the elementalist boss run until you cross the bridge and a cinematic will start where you will see her lock the next room and reveal an alternate route that is far more pleasant. Be aware that you will be attacked from behind by a group of Shiro'ken once the alternate route is revealed.
  • You must defeat all of the Shiro'ken bosses, including the final three, in order to complete the mission. This prevents the mission from being easily run by a single person.
Bug Bug.If one of the allies you choose at the beginning of the mission dies near an enemy's Restoration spirit, that ally will be revived when the spirit dies.
Bug Bug.Since you need to kill all the Shiro'ken bosses, this can make it impossible to finish the mission should you pick a character such as Cynn.

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