Sunjiang District

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost, an explorable area, an explorable area during Winds of Change, a Zaishen mission quest, and a Zaishen vanquish quest.
Sunjiang District
Sunjiang District map.jpg
Campaign Factions
Region Kaineng City
Type Cooperative
Party size 8
Duration Medium
Preceded by Battle in the Sewers
Followed by Journey to Cavalon
Journey to House zu Heltzer
Fort Aspenwood
The Halcyon Job
The Jade Quarry

Prevent Shiro from summoning his spirit army!

Mission information[edit]


  • Starting the mission has no requirements, but if the party contains any characters that have not completed Battle in the Sewers (accepting the reward is not required), the gate from Shenzun Tunnels will be closed.
  • Battle in the Sewers grants access, but any characters that have not completed Boreas Seabed will be left behind in Shenzun Tunnels.


Prevent Shiro from summoning his spirit army!

  • Locate Shiro in the sewers.
  • Added: [sic] Destroy the spirit rifts to remove Shiro's protective shield. [4...0] spirit rift[s] remaining.
  • ADDED: [sic] Defeat Shiro's Constructs.
  • Togo must survive.
  • Mhenlo must survive.


Normal mode Completion time Rewards
Standard > 25 minutes 1,000 XP 100Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Expert's 20 - 25 minutes 1,500 XP 150Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Master's < 20 minutes 2,000 XP 200Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Hard mode Completion time Rewards
Standard > 30 minutes 1,000 XP 200Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Expert's 25 - 30 minutes 2,000 XP 300Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Master's < 25 minutes 3,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png


The objective of the mission is to destroy four Spirit Rifts (energy spheres) and defeat four Shiro's Constructs. Kill the guarding Spirit of Portals to close the Spirit Rift. These guards also summon more Shiro'kens to replace fallen ones.

At the beginning, the party has access to the Spear of Archemorus and the Urn of Saint Viktor. These tools are provided as boosts only and carrying them is not required to complete the mission. If your party consists mainly of heroes and can only take one of the bundles, consider taking the Spear instead of the Urn, since heroes are not affected by the Urn's effect.

A bridge will come down and the mission will start.

  1. The first area has Flame Fissures that cause burning and crippled to anyone who walks over them. The first Spirit Rift and Shiro'ken Assassins will be there. The party can now proceed either left or right. If taking right, Shiro can be sighted but will be unreachable at this time.
  2. There is another fork ahead. The second Spirit Rift and Shiro'ken Rangers will be to the right. This area has several spikes squares that cause bleeding and crippled when walked over. Pull carefully to avoid over-aggro.
  3. The party should double back to the previous fork. The third Spirit Rift and Shiro'ken Necromancers will be down that path atop a small hill surrounded with poisoned water.
  4. Turn right and out of the poisoned water to find the fourth and final Spirit Rift and Shiro'ken Warriors. The spike plates in this area cause dazed, casters should be careful.

After the fourth Spirit of Portals and its mob are destroyed, a cinematic will play and then the party will be in the central area where Shiro was previously seen, facing four Construct bosses. Finish off all four to complete the mission. If you are playing with henchmen/heroes, immediately flag them to the nearest corner as they tend to run to the center between all bosses, causing a quick wipe. Then slowly pull the bosses one or two at a time.

Skill recommendations[edit]









Shiro'ken (only four spawn)


Opening cinematic[edit]

Shiro Tagachi: "They have arrived."
Shiro Tagachi: "Good. Let them come."

Initial dialogue[edit]

Togo: "I believe that Shiro has created spirit rifts...openings into the spirit realm...and he is using these to bring in more of his foul supporters. We must destroy Shiro's constructs and his spirit rifts to keep him from gaining more power."
Togo: "We must be extremely cautious. There are countless environmental hazards down here. I will try to point out any dangers as we near them, but nevertheless, you must remain vigilant at all times."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When approaching the flame fissures near the southern spirit rift
Togo: "Look there, on the ground: those are flame fissures. Use caution when approaching them. They flare up without warning and set anything nearby on fire."
When approaching the first spirit rift
Togo: "Hmm...It looks as if these spirit rifts are summoning something. Yes...I was correct. We must destroy it before a Spirit Warrior is torn from the spirit realm and sent here."
After the first spirit rift is destroyed
Togo: "I doubt Shiro would be so careless as to create one spirit rift... There must be more. Come, let us find the other rifts and locate Shiro."
Shiro Tagachi: "No one can stop me, let alone you puny mortals!"
When coming into range of Shiro
Togo: "Look! Shiro is just up ahead! He has some type of shield protecting him. We must destroy it before engaging him."
Togo: "He must be drawing his power from the four primal powers. We disabled one of his sources, but we must take out all of them before we attack, or we will never be able to defeat him!"
Togo: "If I am right, there should be rifts east, west, and north of here. We must search the area and destroy them as quickly as possible!"
When approaching the spike panels near the eastern spirit rift
Togo: "Those panels over there may be hiding stalagmite spikes. Avoid walking over them if you can. The spikes can spring upward at any time and Cripple you."
After the second spirit rift is destroyed
Shiro Tagachi: "No one can stop me, let alone you puny mortals!"
When approaching the poisoned water near the northern spirit rift
Togo: "That water looks befouled... I believe it will Poison any who touch it. Avoid it if you are able."
When the third spirit rift is destroyed
Shiro Tagachi: "You are messing with affairs that are beyond your comprehension. Leave now and I may let you live!"
When approaching the vents near the western spirit rift
Togo: "There are many perils here in the sewers. For example, those vents you see on the platforms can Daze you if you get too close. Stay away from them if you can."
When approaching the final spirit rift
Togo: "Quickly now! We must destroy this spirit rift before it brings in another of Shiro's deadly Spirit Warriors."
When the final spirit rift is destroyed
Togo: "Good work! Now that we have destroyed the spirit rifts, we can engage Shiro and, gods willing, destroy him once and for all! Follow me."
After Shiro possesses one of the construct bosses
Togo: "I cannot believe I have witnessed such a foul act! Shiro has just inhabited another physical creature! He is controlling its actions!"

End cinematic[edit]

Brother Mhenlo: "Is he...?"
Togo: "Gone? I do not know."
Togo: "The Spear of Archemorus and Urn of Saint Viktor were destroyed."
Togo: "Let us hope Shiro was, as well."
Messenger Vetaura: "He has left this place, but he is not gone."
Emissary Heleyne: "You have dealt Shiro a great blow, but he will return."
Brother Mhenlo: "Then we must prepare."
<party leader>: "But how?"
Herald Demrikov: "Seek out the Kurzicks and the Luxons."
Herald Demrikov: "Together their combined might will help you topple Shiro once and for all."
Courier Torivos: "Two hundred years ago, the two fought side by side."
Courier Torivos: "You must convince them to do so again."
Herald Demrikov: "It is the only way to defeat Shiro."
<party leader>: "What if the two sides are just too far apart? What if we can't do it?"
Courier Torivos: "Then Shiro will win, and the universe will spiral out of balance."
Togo: "I suggest we split up. I will go speak with the Luxons."
Togo: "Mhenlo, you must talk with the Kurzicks. They respect you."
<party leader>: "What should I do?"
Togo: "You too must choose a side."
Togo: "Win the trust of either the Kurzicks, or the Luxons, and help us bring them together to combat Shiro."
Togo: "With a day's worth of heavy prayers and a little luck, perhaps they will listen to reason."
Messenger Vetaura: "We will be watching your progress."
Brother Mhenlo: "Let's hope they will do more than just watch."

Shiro Tagachi: "What do you see? I must know."
Shiro Tagachi: "Tell me what will happen!"
Fortune Teller: "I see the emperor."
Shiro Tagachi: "The emperor? What is he doing?"
Fortune Teller: "The emperor...he is going to kill you."
Shiro Tagachi: "No. No. You must be wrong."
Fortune Teller: "I am never wrong."
Fortune Teller: "The emperor fears your great power, and he will kill you for it."
Shiro Tagachi: "No. You lie."
Fortune Teller: "Heed my words. It will happen at Kuan Jun Temple."
Fortune Teller: "Beware the Harvest Ceremony."
Fortune Teller: "You must make the choice...him or you."
Shiro Tagachi: "What have I done?"


  • This mission's environment traps also affect enemies.
  • Shiro Tagachi is passive and has Invulnerability in this mission; however, allied minions that wander into his aggro circle will still attempt to engage him in combat.
  • This mission does not provide a reliable opportunity to capture skills, because you have to go through the entire mission to reach the bosses, only four of eight potential bosses spawn, and there is very little time to capture the skill of the fourth-defeated boss.
  • After completing the mission for the first time, the sectioned off area of Sunjiang District (explorable area) will be accessible, and in turn so will the six construct bosses.
  • After completing this mission, your party will be taken to Maatu Keep.
Anomaly Anomaly. Although they are not fleshy (with the exception of Flesh Golems), Celestial Summoning Stone and minion allies can be affected by the bleeding traps and poisoned water.
Bug Bug. Both the Spear of Archemorus and the Urn of Saint Viktor are supposed to be destroyed at the end of the mission; however, if a player was holding them (or dropped them just before the defeat of the final boss), both can be seen briefly during the cinematic.

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