Urn of Saint Viktor

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Urn of Saint Viktor
Golden urn.jpg
Skill when held Urn of Saint Viktor (skill).jpg Urn of Saint Viktor
Drop skill Shield of Saint Viktor.jpg Shield of Saint Viktor
Single-use Yes
Campaign Factions

After the death of Saint Viktor during the Jade Wind, his ashes were kept in the Urn of Saint Viktor, which became imbued with strong protective magic. It is held by the Kurzicks within the Cathedral zu Heltzer. During battle, the Urn powers itself whenever the holder takes damage, charging up the Urn of Saint Viktor effect. When the bundle is dropped, the Spirit of Saint Viktor appears and bestows the Shield of Saint Viktor effect on certain allies in range. When the maximum charge is reached, the bundle turns into the powerful Supreme Urn of Saint Viktor, which releases its most powerful defense; however, it can be dropped for a weaker level of the effect at any time.



Although technically fragile, a new version of the urn is instantly respawned upon dropping it, so it is impossible to lose it.

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