Saint Viktor

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Saint Viktor
Saint Viktor.jpg
Affiliation Kurzicks
Type Human
Level(s) Not specified
Campaign Factions

Saint Viktor zu Heltzer is a figure from Kurzick legend. According to the stories, he slew Shiro the Betrayer at Kaoya Zun Temple after Shiro had assassinated his master Emperor Angsiyan.

In reality Viktor was one of the trio who combined forces to defeat the vastly powerful Shiro. After Vizu disarmed Shiro, Viktor and the Luxon hero Archemorus each took up one of Shiro's Blades and slew him, releasing the infamous Jade Wind, which killed all three heroes as well as devastating Cantha.

In the present the Kurzicks honor their most famous champion's memory by keeping the Urn of Saint Viktor, which contains his ashes, in the Cathedral zu Heltzer.


  • He appears to wear a ghostly version of Warrior Elite Kurzick armor.
  • A better image of him can be seen in the Guild Wars Factions trailer.