Emperor Angsiyan

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Emperor Angsiyan
Canthan emperor.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Level(s) Not specified
Campaign Factions

Emperor Angsiyan was the 26th Emperor of Cantha (? - 872 AE). He appointed Shiro Tagachi his bodyguard after noticing his prowess as an assassin. He paid a terrible price for his trust in Shiro, as he was slain by the very man to whom he entrusted his life.

It is unknown exactly why Emperor Angsiyan allowed Shiro into the Harvest Temple where he was killed, but what is known is that the event was not anticipated by the guards. Speculation was brought up by a Fortune Teller that the Emperor was planning on killing Shiro during the Harvest Ceremony - although events in the Realm of Torment suggest otherwise.

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