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The Canthan Emperor is the patriarchal leader of the Empire of the Dragon within the continent of Cantha. During Guild Wars, the Emperor has little sway over the actions of the Kurzick and Luxon nations, though this was not always so.

Originally, Canthan Emperors were referred to as "Emperor Lord," but are now referred to as Ascendant Emperor.

Known Canthan Emperors[edit]

Name Number Reign Notes
Kaineng Tah 1st 0 - 46 CC (510 - 464 BE) United the Canthan clans, formed the Empire of the Dragon, and commissioned the first Raisu Palace.
Yian Zho 2nd 46 CC - ? (464 BE - ?) Son of Kaineng Tah. A belligerent Emperor, he spent much of his reign fighting the Luxons and Kurzicks and brought them into the empire as vassals.
Emperor Chang Hai 11th 511 CC - ? (1 AE - ?) First Ascendant Emperor.
Emperor Singtah 23rd ? - 1204 CC (? - 694 AE) Father of Emperor Senvho, a tyrant who died in a fire in Raisu Palace during a revolt.
Emperor Senvho 24th 1204 - 1284 CC (694 - 774 AE) Son of Emperor Singtah, commissioned the rebuilding of Raisu Palace.
Emperor Angsiyan 26th ? - 1382 CC (? - 872 AE) Assassinated by Shiro Tagachi.
Emperor Hanjai 27th 1382 - 1412 CC (872 - 902 AE) Son of Emperor Angsiyan, started the Dragon Festival and indirectly led Cantha into isolation from foreign trade.
Name Unknown 28th 1412 CC - ? (902 AE - ?) Successor of Hanjai, formally dissolved foreign trade and began Cantha's most isolationist era.
Emperor Kintah 30th ? - 1568 CC (? - 1058 AE) Father of Emperor Kisu and Master Togo, began opening trade agreements with Lion's Arch.
Emperor Kisu 31st 1568 - 1637 CC (1058 - 1127 AE) Incumbent during Guild Wars, finalized trade agreements with Lion's Arch.
Emperor Usoku 32nd 1637 - ? CC (1127 - ? AE) Unites Cantha and exiles non-humans.


  • Tahmu is said to have been an empress before she became a celestial, though it is unknown whether she ruled Cantha or another state before Cantha's founding, given the fact that only male descendants of the royal bloodline can rule the Dragon Empire.
  • According to Lore, only Canthan Emperors (and those of imperial birthright) are able to use Dragon Empire Rage.

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