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Celestial Dragon.jpg
Affiliation Kaineng City wildlife
Type Celestial (boss)
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 22 (29)
Campaign Factions
Tahmu map.jpg
Location in Nahpui Quarter

The Dragon, a reminder of atrocity, pain, and anguish.

Tahmu was an empress well known for her generosity and kind spirit. The people of her lands were all her children, and she made sure none went without food and shelter. When the Naga attacked, her private guards urged her to flee the city that she might save her own life. But Tahmu would not abandon her children. She called to her people to take up arms and defend themselves against the Naga, and she herself went into the streets to do battle. Unfortunately, the Naga overpowered Tahmu and her people, keeping her alive to witness the torture and murder of every single person in the city. Enraged beyond reason, she managed to break from her bonds and call down fire from the heavens, which streaked through the streets in the form of a dragon, incinerating the Naga attackers.

Nahpui Quarter signpost

Tahmu is one of the Celestial bosses that appear during the Nahpui Quarter mission.



15 Air Magic (20 Air Magic in Hard mode)

Items dropped[edit]


  • In the cinematic after talking to Loud Kou, the name is written as "Tah Mu".
  • While in the mission and facing Adept Nai, the portal up the right ramp leads to this boss.


  • The title of "empress" is bestowed only through marriage and has little real power in the patriarchal Canthan society.