Adept Nai

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Adept Nai
Canthan adept.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Service Mission briefing
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Factions

Adept Nai is a follower of Suun, the Oracle of the Mists. He provides guidance when spoken to in Nahpui Quarter mission outpost and is the first person encountered during the Nahpui Quarter mission. He will provide players with valuable information regarding the celestials and the tasks ahead.




Quests involved in:


In Nahpui Quarter outpost:

"Commune with the spirit realm and become Weh no Su, Closer to the Stars. This will restore the balance that exists in all of Cantha and allow you to communicate with the spirit realm where Shiro exists.
Have you any further questions?"
⇒ Why am I here?
"Shiro is the reason behind the spreading plague in Cantha. Your most recent encounter with Shiro sent you to a premature death, but the envoys intervened. They believe it is not your time to cross over to the Mists...yet. After speaking with the Celestial Ministry, Nika, and an Adept, a sign appeared from the oracle in the form of a celestial kirin."
⇒ What is happening in Nahpui Quarter?
"You have come here to become Weh so Nu, [sic] or "Closer to the Stars." This ceremony will allow you to commune with the spirit realm as Shiro does. It is the first step to defeating him."
⇒ What advice do you have on becoming Closer to the Stars?
"1. As you defeat the celestial creatures, their power will spread and generate duplicates throughout the area. Decide carefully which creature to kill first, for it may ultimately make your task that much harder. Save the healer celestial for last, or else you will continually encounter its replicate forms.
2. The celestial orbs teleport you to different locations. Select a different teleporter if you must retry the fight, as you'll be taken down a different path leading to an alternate celestial.
3. For a challenge, split your party and destroy all of the celestial creatures at the same time. Be forewarned that timing is of the essence; one mistake could lead to an early demise.
4. Use a healthy balance of the skills that you have learned thus far. It is advisable to have the ability to heal, but be alert and aggressive if you possess offensive techniques."
⇒ Replay the mission cinematic.
× I'll be on my way.

In Nahpui Quarter mission:

"Your only hope to defeat Shiro is to become Closer to the Stars. Defeat the cardinal celestials and you will have proven to the Oracle that you are indeed ready to become Weh no Su. I must warn you, however, this is a journey that only the bravest undertake and the most skilled survive."

In the Divine Path:

"It is an honor to meet you."