Closer to the Stars (cinematic)

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Closer to the Stars
Plays during Closer to the Stars
Region Kaineng Center
Location Nahpui Quarter
Campaign Factions

Closer to the Stars 1 cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic — get to the avatars?


Major characters[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


Suun: "Ah... I wondered when I would be seeing you."
Suun: "My name is Suun."
Suun: "I am the Oracle of the Mists."
<Party leader>: "I was sent here to-"
Suun: "I know why you have come here."
Suun: "You are not the first to seek my help. You will not be the last."
<Party leader>: "What-what do I-?"
Suun: "The stars in the night sky cast their light down upon the world, making physical replicas of themselves."
Suun: "Kai Jun Don, the Kirin. The embodiment of corruption."
Suun: "The being of pure good, turned to pure evil."
Suun: "Quon Sang, the Turtle Dragon. The eternal paradox, not one thing or another."
Suun: "A reminder that we will never fully understand the Mists."
Suun: "Hai Ji, the Phoenix, the representation of fiery eternity awaiting those in the Underworld."
Suun: "And finally, the mightiest of them all, Tah Mu, the Dragon."
Suun: "A constant reminder of atrocity, pain, and anguish."
Suun: "You must defeat the avatars of these four celestial bodies if you wish to become Closer to the Stars."
Suun: "Only then will you be able to see into the spirit realm and truly fight Shiro Tagachi."
<Party leader>: "But how do I-?"
Suun: "Get to the avatars?"
Suun: "Step through one of these portals, and you shall be transported to the location you desire."
Suun: "Choose wisely. If you should perish while among the celestials, I will not come help you."
<Party leader>: "I understand."
Suun: "I doubt that."
<Party leader>: "One more question-"
Suun: "Bother me no more with this."
Suun: "Tangle with the stars if you must, but you will waste no more of my time."

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