Fort Aspenwood (Kurzick cinematics)

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Fort Aspenwood
Plays during see the Notes and Trivia sections below
Region Echovald Forest
Location Fort Aspenwood
Campaign Factions

Defend Fort Aspenwood 1 cinematic still.jpg
"... a powerful weapon he calls Gods' Vengeance."

Defend Fort Aspenwood 2 cinematic still.jpg
"The only major defense we have are these gates."

Cinematic 1[edit]

Major characters[edit]


Kommandant Durheim: "Ah, you must be the reinforcements Kommandant Kline promised me."
<Character name>: "Kommandant Kline? Never heard of him."
Kommandant Durheim: "Obviously. Kommandant Kline is a woman."
<Character name>: "Oh. Oops."
Kommandant Durheim: "Never mind that."
Kommandant Durheim: "The Luxons are massing for an offensive, and I don't have enough soldiers to hold the fort."
Kommandant Durheim: "I'm in a real bind, so you're going to have to do."
<Character name>: "Just point me in the right direction, and I'll do the rest."
Kommandant Durheim: "Right then. Follow me."
Kommandant Durheim: "Master Architect Gunther is building a powerful weapon he calls Gods' Vengeance."
Kommandant Durheim: "He's down to the final component."
Kommandant Durheim: "But the Luxons don't intend to let him finish it."
Kommandant Durheim: "In fact, they mean to get in and kill him dead before that happens."
Kommandant Durheim: "They launch attacks on our base at regular intervals from these command points."
Kommandant Durheim: "The only major defenses we have are these gates."
Kommandant Durheim: "But we're not properly prepared for the Luxon assault, and the gates won't hold long."
Kommandant Durheim: "Our only chance is to help Master Architect Gunther finish his weapon, and use it on the Luxon base."
Kommandant Durheim: "This is where you come in."
Kommandant Durheim: "Gather amber from these locations and return it to Gunther."
Kommandant Durheim: "He'll keep you informed of how close he is to finishing the weapon."
Kommandant Durheim: "If the Luxons get inside the base, you can also use the amber to reinforce the gates by giving it to the Gatekeepers.
Kommandant Durheim: "But what I'd really to see you do is to turn the tables on those godless sand fleas by taking out the commanders at their reinforcement points."
Kommandant Durheim: "If you do, we can claim them for our own use and bring the fight to the Luxons' front door."
Kommandant Durheim: "If you get killed in the line of duty, you will be resurrected here at this shrine."
Kommandant Durheim: "Then you can use these teleport pads to quickly get to locations outside of the base and near the amber."
<Character name>: "I think I've got it. Anything else?"
Kommandant Durheim: "Only this: above all else, make sure you keep Master Architect Gunther alive, or the fort will be lost for sure."

Cinematic 2[edit]



  • When Factions was released, the first and second cinematics played before and after a Fort Aspenwood match, respectively.

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