Fort Aspenwood (Luxon cinematics)

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Fort Aspenwood
Plays during see the Notes and Trivia sections below
Region The Jade Sea
Location Fort Aspenwood
Campaign Factions

Fort Aspenwood cinematic still.jpg
"The Kurzicks are trying to build a powerful new weapon."

Fort Aspenwood 2 cinematic still.jpg
"We've got to get to him before he can complete the job."

Cinematic 1[edit]

Major characters[edit]


Erek: "Are you friend or foe?"
<Character name>: "I'm friend if you're Luxon."
Erek: "Fourth generation, Luxon, I am. And I'll kill anyone who says different."
<Character name>: "I'm not sayin' different."
Erek: "Good. Then come with me."
Erek: "We have a Kurzick base to invade."
Erek: "The Kurzicks are trying to build a powerful new weapon."
Erek: "Their Master Architect is assembling the final stages right now, as we speak."
Erek: "We've got to get to him before he can complete the job."
Erek: "Taking out the Master Architect won't be easy."
Erek: "The Kurzicks base is heavily fortified."
Erek: "We'll need to get through these gates. Kill the guards, and the gates will open."
Erek: "Once the gates are open, talk to the commanders at these locations and they'll send in troops to storm the Kurzicks' fort."
Erek: "The Kurzicks will be trying to collect amber from these locations."
Erek: "They'll use the amber to build their weapon or reinforce their defenses."
Erek: "Don't let that happen."
Erek: "If you wind up on the wrong end of a Kurzick sword, you will be resurrected here at this shrine."
Erek: "Use these teleport pads to travel quickly out of our base and get back into battle."
<Character name>: "What about this fort? Doesn't it need to be defended?"
Erek: "Just get to the Master Architect before he finishes that weapon."
Erek: "We'll worry about the fort."
<Character name>: "I won't let you down."
Erek: "Let's hope not."

Cinematic 2[edit]



  • When Factions was released, the first and second cinematics played before and after a Fort Aspenwood match, respectively.

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