Mayhem in the Market (cinematic)

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Mayhem in the Market
Plays during Mayhem in the Market
Region Kaineng City
Locations Vizunah Square
Kaineng City
Campaign Factions

Mayhem in the Market 1 cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic — "May the gods have mercy on our souls"

Mayhem in the Market 2 cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic — "I see great things in your future"


Major characters[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


Canthan Man: "What the . . . ?"
Canthan Woman: "May the gods have mercy on our souls."
<Party leader>: "Are we too late?"
Master Togo: "Not yet, but we must not allow those plague beasts to spread their affliction any further. If they do, everyone in this province will be in danger."

Fortune Teller: "I see great things in your future."
Fortune Teller: "Yours will be a story told by generations."
Fortune Teller: "Your swords will be sought by many."
Shiro Tagachi: "Nonsense."
Fortune Teller: "Yes. Yes. You will do things no other man would dare."
Fortune Teller: "Your name will live on for a thousand years."
Shiro Tagachi: "Shut your mouth. Old Fool."
Fortune Teller: "Look for fortune to come your way."


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